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Hello, I recently took a look into the modeling world and would like to get started modeling. Normally, I program, but I've dabbed around with software like 3DS Max before and I even know some of the bare basics. However, to be quite frank, my knowledge is largely scattered and I don't know what to do. For example, a friend of mine recommended me to learn UV Unwrapping and I'm a bit lost. I creeped around this website and found a few guides, but I don't know which to chose from. I was hoping for a more linear experience and not something like my journey into OpenGL (which was a complete mess). For reference, my latest and first model was this one: uuaiD.png

This took me nearly a whole day to complete (about 12 hours) and there are some things I learned from the experience. However, I really want to cut modeling time down, so I don't do stupid things like, for example, individually selecting polygons to map a texture onto. So, are there any linear tutorials that you would highly recommend? The only one I've used was TheNewBoston's, and his tutorials only go so far. I would like something that gives out the fundamentals and ends leaving a total scrub noobie like myself at an intermediate level. Thanks.


  • jimmypopali
    I think there are some in built tutorials in 3dsmax that can help you will modelling, show you a few tools to use and texturing/uv mapping and unwrapping etc. Thinking about it, I think these videos come up as a splash screen when you start 3ds max.

    This looks pretty promising - check out the little channels on the right side with different topics. I'm sure going through a few of those will get you in the right direction.
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    I myself am hoping to give modelling a go. I was wondering what people thought of places like Digital Tutors and the like. Do they seem like a good place to at least pick up the basis?


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  • Kwramm
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    get the 3ds max bible from kelly L. Murdock (if you find the 3ds max built in tutorial too slow and unorganized). It's both a tutorial and reference book. Has small examples for everything it covers, and it covers a lot. I used this to learn max in college.

    good luck and welcome to polycount!
  • jimmypopali
    There are some introduction courses on Digital Tutors, which are good. But a lot of the similar things are available on-line, for free (the trouble is finding it yourself rather than having an entire course for you). I believe they offer entire learning curves with whole courses put together. Always an option.
  • jimmypopali
    Um, both of you copied what I said and just pasted it as your response?
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