Watch Dogs: Holy shit.

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So for those not watching the Ubisoft e3 press conference; It was the usual mix of awkward presenters, new trailers, new gameplay footage...

And then they dropped this bomb on us.

[ame=" Dogs - Game Demo Video [UK] - YouTube[/ame]

I know 90% of you guys fell in love with this game as well, so let's get speculating!

Who is this made by? Can any Polycounters speak up now that it's been anounced? What engine is that? Surely that was running on a PC, because god-damn. How scripted do we reckon that demo section was in comparison to general missions/gameplay? Was that multiplayer hinted at? Or just multiple protaginists?

And we can also do some Jaw Dropping. How great was that acting! And I'm loving the fantastically detailed art and design of it all. Those character models where intense - using physX(?) on random NPC's scarves is pretty cool. Lovely animation and small touches, like the protagonist lifting up a mask, and the way he holds his gun.

So go! go! Let's all geek out for a bit! :)


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