Sketchbook: minibabylizard

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minibabylizard triangle
Hi there my name is Ani :), I started a Sketchbook so i can share some work in process. Feedback and critique are very welcome \(^-^)/ 
Thanks for stopping by, appreciate cha', papa bless :D !!!

-Pascal human form:
This will be my firs human sculpt, well he is half rabbit half human so it still counts XD
Pascal is a very creepy character of mine and I thought it would be a good idea to make a 3d model of him.....pff its already creepy as ffuuuuu \(o w o)/. Till now I have mainly focused on 2D art and character design :0 (thats mah passione)
but now ive started doing some 3D and 3D animation.

I stream art on twitch:

My artstation portfolio:

Im on sketchfab too:


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