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In celebration of the winners of the Dota 2 contest. I'm holding a tournament to test out these new items. The weekend of the week the items are put in game (12/21)

Rules are simple:

1)You got to have Dota 2
2)You must be a member of Polycount (If you join polycount after this post is made your not getting in this tournament)
3)The contest winners are automatically captians of there own team
4)Only teams of 5 (you can have an back up member)
5)Once teams are made the team must have a logo and a name already set up in Dota 2
6)We have to decide on how many games in a round (mostly likely we are going to play 1 game per round)
7)First 5 man team to be made must Call out "First Blood"
8) 8 teams at most

Everyone start grouping up and get ready for the group slow dance of pain.

PS:All games will be recorded and posted at polycount or you can view it live via Dota 2 Spectator Client(and maybe other place)

PPS:I need a funny person with a good mic to be a broadcaster to entertain the live viewers and talk pro-like and to tell the viewer what is happening.

Happy hunting
and has always MAGIC SUCKS


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