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Alright. I've been lurking here for a while and have been extremely intimidated to start my sketchbook here but I'm going for as people from tell me to do so. Figure get more help that way.

I am a 3D modeler but I am a beginner so I have a lot of basic objects. After my first model, a computer mouse, was complete fail, I decided to practice more basic things and tried them low-poly. From there, it's been steady improvement. So I'll start from beginning to end.

Feel free to critique in my sketchbook.

wired_wooden_spoon_angle by sirkibble2, on Flickr

sink_plug_angle_wired by sirkibble2, on Flickr

spatula_angle by sirkibble2, on Flickr

spatula_wired_front by sirkibble2, on Flickr

knife_angle by sirkibble2, on Flickr

knife_wired_side by sirkibble2, on Flickr

bottle_angle by sirkibble2, on Flickr

bottle_wired by sirkibble2, on Flickr

usb_angle by sirkibble2, on Flickr

usb_wired_back by sirkibble2, on Flickr

usb_wired_top by sirkibble2, on Flickr

failed_fork_angle by sirkibble2, on Flickr

failed_fork_wired by sirkibble2, on Flickr

fork_angle by sirkibble2, on Flickr

fork_front_wired by sirkibble2, on Flickr

This one is unfinished.
chair_box_sketch by sirkibble2, on Flickr


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    Another unfinished one
    egyptian_scene_first_pass by sirkibble2, on Flickr

    coaster_holder_material_angle by sirkibble2, on Flickr

    coaster_holder_wired_top by sirkibble2, on Flickr

    shaman_blockout by sirkibble2, on Flickr

    shaman_wired_UF_front by sirkibble2, on Flickr

    shaman_pass_angle06 by sirkibble2, on Flickr

    garage_roof_bigger_angle by sirkibble2, on Flickr

    garage_roof_bigger_wired_angle by sirkibble2, on Flickr

    fruit_basket by sirkibble2, on Flickr

    This is where I'm at right now. Thanks for looking and critiquing.
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    My first unwrapped UVW. Good practice.

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    Add3r polygon
    Hey, its a good start :) I have to ask, are you self taught? Nothing wrong with this! As I was initially self taught and even got a job without ANY formal modeling/texturing or anything game related, training/education! I can definitely see immense improvement from the start of the sketchbook towards the middle/end. I am happy to see you started a humanoid body, as they can be very intimidating to starters and many just avoid characters as a whole "until they are better", but to be honest, just diving head first into it all is the way to go. It forces you to get better, and I am very glad to see you did just that! Dont be intimidated! We are all here to help one another and to walk each other through each of our own weaknesses! Welcome btw! As for a critique, the main thing I am seeing is: You use a lot of triangles in your meshes. This is a bad habit that should be avoided when absolutely possible, getting into the habit of using tris can be hard to break (I was one of them, so you are definitely not alone!). The reason modelers try to stick to quads is due to the fact of making UV mapping as easy as possible for yourself or your in-house mapper/texture artist, it also just looks cleaner and is easier to read and easier to modify down the line. if you use quads, the "loops" these quads belong to become clean and complete, and these loops can be selected as a whole with a single double click to allow easy modification to the mesh. Another thing is; Dont be afraid to use multiple pieces to create your models, it is best to create single meshes when possible and when the item is a sing;e "object", but using multiple pieces to create your model can help with keeping the tri/poly count lower for games and for low resource situations.

    Great job though getting started, I like your ability and confidence to dive into the harder more organic models as a beginner, when I started I tried to avoid them as much as possible, afraid of failure. Keep it up!
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    I am self-taught. A lot of Eat 3D and Gnomon Workshop DVD's and help at has gotten me this far. I've been doing this for about 3 months.

    I actually found a tutorial on doing the human body and followed that but I do feel like I could do one myself now because of it. I'm not so scared of it anymore. :) But I'm not even into body modeling. I enjoy environment modeling which is why I have a million props and will continue to make more. lol :)

    As far as the tris, I've been told that tris are okay for low-poly models which the ones that have a bunch of them were designed to be and that's how I started; with low-poly modeling. But I do know for high-poly, quads is the definite way to go. I didn't think about UVing so I guess I'll cross that bridge when it comes but a definite thanks for that advice. I will be sure to look out for that. :)

    And I JUST learned last week that it's okay to use multiple objects so thank you for that. I was intimidated on a few of my projects because I could not figure out how I was actually going to model it as one object. But I watched some videos and noticed people doing that so I realized it was okay.

    Thanks for the encouragement. See you 'round the forums! :)

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