mudbox mesh tearing

polycounter lvl 7
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Macattackk polycounter lvl 7
I've opened a mudbox file ive been working on and somehow the file decided to break vertices in a grid fashion along the whole model which is a plane. Its almost as if it broke the vertices of my level 2 subdivision level and carried that in the upper levels.. but my level 2 isnt broken at all.

does anyone know the easiest way to fix this and how to make sure this doesnt happen again?



  • oglu
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    oglu polycounter lvl 9
    mud isnt breaking verticies... sometimes its an graphic update issue... but the verts arnt really splitted there... are you sure your level0 mesh is fine..?
  • SpeCter
    It looks like they weren´t merged from the start(if it´s not a graphical issue)
  • Macattackk
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    Macattackk polycounter lvl 7
    i think it might be a graphical error that starts after level 2. level 0-->2 is fine. when i sculpt on higher levels it does this breaking but when i sculpt over that part again it fixes it...... so I just need to deal with this, or is there a fix? cause it feels very awkward sculpting with this problem.

    I added a new subdivision level 5 and the error is fixed in 5 so now the error appears in levels 3 and 4.

    the mesh is a plane exported from maya so it doesnt have any broken vertices.
  • KristianT
    I get that all the time on my ati card but not the nvidia. It dissapears and rea appears on different sub divisions but i have noticed that applying one subdivision in max before export usually does the trick. i dont know why.
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