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Fozwroth polycounter lvl 7
Hey there polycounters!

I have been studying game art for about 1.5 years now and am currently having my 6 months internship and it is coming to an end soon. Since I dont know what will happen with me where I am now I figured I´d better start looking for junior positions / new internship just in case.

This is my current portfolio site: http://simonbarle.com

dont mind the old showreel I will do a new one very soon. also I cant seem to align the return to top function( kind of suck at HTLM ) but I will fix it as soon as possible =D

I would really like some feedback on my work! so I know If I will make a fool of myself or not :P
Im kind of at the final stage and time is limited so redoing things might not be an option unless I´ve really screwed something up



  • Fozwroth
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    Fozwroth polycounter lvl 7
    a small friendly bump
  • Yoran1992
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    Yoran1992 polycounter lvl 5
    you might want to remove the "/index.html" cause i couldn't reach it
    (just simonbarle.com is enough)

    anyways, looks pretty good, although when i go from the page portfolio to showreel, it sortoff shifts a little to the right (might be disturbing)

    but i gotta say the work looks pretty neat, and keep up the good work
  • Visceral
    Only thing i noticed was that for your terran marine you have 4x 4k maps and 3 2kmaps

    Now that is ALOT, i wonder if you would see any difference between 2k maps and 4k maps in this case.
  • Eastlin
    I would reccomend using CSS with Divs instead of tables, tables can be hard to use to maintain a fluid website.
  • Fozwroth
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    Fozwroth polycounter lvl 7
    Thanks for the feedback!

    @ Yoran1992 thanks! yes I have noticed that too I think it is the scroll slider that pushes it to the right. Im not good at HTML and such so I dont know any solution to it but I can do some research about it :)

    @ Visceral, Yes It looks kind of stupid now that you point it out. I probably could go one step down on everything and maybe even make the emissive a 1024 since it almost only pure colors and few gradients. I will have a look at that this weekend :)

    @ okay I will make a note of that, probably going to abandon this old template our school gave us in the near future, its all copy pasted,messy and written in notepad xD I will try to find a better solution in time :)
  • PaulP
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    PaulP polycounter lvl 5
    I like your hardsurface models, they look cool. Some of your renders seem a bit dark to me though, especially your hardsurface models. If someone is working in an office and scouting countless applicant portfolios, they may well have their monitor brightness reduced to help combat eye fatigue. This would make darker renders quite difficult to see and appreciate.
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