Does a All-in-one Gizmo exist in 3ds max (See exemple inside)

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Felixenfeu polycounter lvl 6
Hi fellow polycounters. I've been searching for a while but never found an answer to my question. I've searched both inside 3ds Max build-in functions and scripts... and nowhere did i found anything similiar to what i'm looking for.

Here's the contexte. I've been a Blender user for a long time. I'm using 3ds max max since about 3 years... and i've never found how i could have a All-in-one gizmo (Rotation + Scale + Tranlation) as in the image above :


The concept is simple. In Blender, you can use multiple gizmo tools only by holding the shift key and clicking on the tool's icon. In 3ds max, as far as i know, you can only use one gizmo tool at a time... So is there anyway i could get something similar?

Thank you for reading, and i hope someone could answer my question !


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