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Hey PC! So I've been working on a new environment in UDK based on a concept from Halo Reach. This is actually a painting for the level called Boneyard, which is massive. I decided to take this concept and pretty much only work on what is in this frame. A few disclaimers here before the abuse begins!!

I modified the layout SLIGHTLY, so yes, I realize that it is not exactly like the level inside of Reach. I purposefully have been avoiding opening up the level in the game to try to let the painting be my only point of reference for the layout. And like most concepts, I am discovering that what may look right in the painting, turns out to be a little misleading once you start blocking things out inside 3D land.

I will stop rambling, but I am open to any and all thoughts and comments! This is obviously still a WIP, and I will be updating this thread as the level develops! Thanks everyone!!!boneyardconcept.jpg


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