fantasy styled bazooka (big images)

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supaclueless polycounter lvl 6
hey once again polycount, I know i'm i hardly ever post here (lurk-a-holic) because atm i'm still utterly terrible at modelling and whatnot but im looking to hear some critiques from you guys again (i wanna thank you guys for the constant information and teachings you guys give out to utter beginners like me and others from all ur wikis and threads, they really help guide me when i'm stuck in situations!)

I decided to try making this fictional bazooka because it does not look impossible for me (I tried doing a revolver but thats on hold atm :S ... and i wannted to better understand and learn clean bakes and basic texturing skills)

Hoping to hear some critiques from you guys again as I immensely appreciate the guidance you guys give out of care :)

Warning: pic sizes are quite ridiculously huge >.<

(I'm working on texture atm)

Normals (2046x2046)

bake (rendered in marmoset)

high-poly (3ds max)

low poly (3ds max) (2374 tris)
MvTkQ.jpg seems that i get a COMPLETELY different result when i apply my normal map in marmoset than in 3ds max (I tried xoliul's and 3point Lite)....was wondering if you guys can explain this to an amatuer like me...I also noticed the bad waviness :S


  • burtonyang
    As far as technical skills, you seem to have the right idea, you can definitely cut down on the triangles on the smaller pieces because they have more than the bigger pieces. You can fix the waviness from painting on the normal map to give it a straight edge and I'm not sure if your normal map is really 2046x2046, but it should be 2048x2048. Make sure your UVW map and smoothing groups are correct too when you bake your normal maps because it seems like you put one smoothing group on the entire model. In 3PS and Xoliul Shader, make sure you didn't flip the green channel. I'm not really sure how the design works on this bazooka either since the design doesn't look solid to me; do you have a concept you're working off of?
  • supaclueless
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    supaclueless polycounter lvl 6
    my bad i forgot to post the concept :S

    it is based off a character weapon in a manga/anime called one-piece...I happened to like its simple design *cough* not the best at sub-d yet :S ... and I made a is 2048 and i made sure green channels weren't flipped...I did made middle tube piece and its beveled sections under a same group...the only time the smoothing groups are different are at the I'll try 2moro in rebaking with separate smoothing groups...thx for the comment :D
  • pinkbox
    triangulate before bake?
    i've noticed that sometimes maya/max will triangulate stuff differently to marmoset and mudbox so triangulating before that will stop the softwares doing their own triangulation which can be different to the software it was baked in.
  • Docm30
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    Docm30 polycounter lvl 10
    Edit: Nevermind, I should learn to read.
  • dpaynter26
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    dpaynter26 polycounter lvl 7
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    supaclueless polycounter lvl 6
    well i did a 2nd rebake with diff smoothing groups to larger angle sides and it seems to have came out better in 3ds max and theres next to no difference in marmoset...will do another normals bake to fix up some minor errors like loose cage....getting cylinders without waviness is going to be a big dream for me :poly124:


    @pinkbox i retriangulated it and resetted its x-form but i'm starting to think the major difference in shader quality is coz of how my 3ds is set up...and my smoothing groups :D

    @dypaynter26 i was actually considering about making a tf2 weap but decided not to until i get better at texturing and sub-d modeling
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