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Hi all!


After a lot of work going into my previous scene I decided to put it on the shelf.
Seeing as I didn't have a concept to go after, I found myself thinking more about what to do, than how to do it.
It led to a lot of inconsistensies and a lot of time wasted.
So this time I decided to go for a scene that had a very good concept.

I chose this one:

While browsing around for inspiration and concept art I noticed that JasonLavoie made a version of it as well, and I really loved what he had done with it, and the design choices he had made.

One thing that I really wanted to change was the big numbers on the door, seeing as the typo in the concept is really horrible if you ask me.
I didn't wanna steal the font Jason used so I chose a similar looking one.

I will try to take this to a pretty clean finish. Some rust and subtle wear and tear, similar to the concept.

Right now it's a bit too colorful and bright, but most of the textures are still just color blocks without detail.


Please let me know what you think!


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