My very first art test completed!!! I wait :(

So I completed my very first art test for a job/career! I'm really excited about this company and I know I did a damn good job, I just hate waitinggggg. I would love to post the art test and show it off but I'm under an NDA so I think it's best not to do that ;). I've wanted a job in the industry since I was 13, and i turn 24 this friday. The fact that I've made it this far with a company is a proud moment for me, I just wish I knew how many people I was going up against and when I will find out if I get it or not, baaah

I have 2 other companies that implied they would like to hire me in a few months, but there is no guarantee. I just cannot wait to stop working for pizza hut for $4.25 an hour and get a REAL career doing something I'm super passionate about. All I want to do is make art! :D

wish me luck <3


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