[UDK](WIP)Lost Cave

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It's been a long time since my last visit.
Nobody cares, but I found a job and moved so...
I first show this scene.

I start a new one, instead of finishing the first one of course...
So, it's a WIP, it will be shorter this timeI hope... :)

Here is the beginning, first rough, quick lightning, a paintover and a sculpt...






  • SasoDuck
    First post! YES!
    Anyway, good looking concept although it would be nice to see some color- for example, is the stone of the cave white (like on the moon) or is it brown? Grey? Black? Also some color on the mechanics would help us see whether you're taking it in a shiny-new sci-fi direction or making it in an old abandoned sort of way
  • Shogun3d
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    Shogun3d polycounter lvl 8
    Added, i'm instantly loving where this is going and you have a nice teaser sculpt to prove it. From your shots so far the rock on the left might be blocking a bit much from the mouth of the cave, at least from the angle you provided.
  • SasoDuck
    Oh, also I'm a little confused about the 3rd and 4th pictures- they don't seem to look like the concept. Are they from the front of the cave looking backwards?
  • NothingHappens
    I know that's not finished yet and just started but...


    I wish I could do that =(
  • Boyo
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    Boyo polycounter lvl 8

    New Update...
    Thank you for the replies :)

    SasoChicken >> Congrat for your first post :p
    No color yet, i'll try to put some colors tomorrow, but i'm lazy as the concept is in my mind... Obviously, it's difficult for the watchers to figure out...

    I want a lost place, so, the huge pipe is rusty.

    And to be honest, for the cave itself I thought about God of War 3, the place right before the tartarus gates. Ok, I don't hope to reach this level of quality, but, you get the idea...


    Kaburan >> Thank you very much. You're right, it needs to be moved. Actually, the concept is a guide, I'm still searching.

    NothingHappens >> Thanks :)

    Anyway, the pictures, still wip, still B&W


  • SasoDuck
    Digging the high-poly modeling, but it'd still be nice to see the concept in color
  • Boyo
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    Boyo polycounter lvl 8
  • paulsvoboda
    Love this already! As an early stage this is looking great. Only thing that's a bit weird is the overall scale. From the concepts I was expecting this too be huge making that character maybe 5 times smaller than what he is now.

    Getting some stronger sunlight entering the cave with a more obvious direction could add some. At the moment I can't tell if this will be night time or sometime in the day.
    Anyways, enough from me. Great start and interested to see where this goes.
  • SasoDuck
    From the concepts I was expecting this too be huge

    Yeah, same. Like those pillars in the background were huge factory things rather than support columns.

    Other than that though, its progressing at an amazing fast rate, great job.
  • nullfed
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    nullfed polycounter lvl 7
    The rock formations look sweet. With the style of them though, like dripping water/limestone formations, i'd expect more similar action from the ceiling with stalactites/stalagamites. the surrounding cave bits look like a different kind of rock. Do a search for "limestone cave" to see what i'm talking about.

    The floor could be more sloped and uneven maybe, which could open up the view to the outside nicely. Don't get me wrong though - looking nice so far!
  • RiotForQuiet
  • SasoDuck
    Adding to what nullfed said, if you're going for that sort of cave, it's likely the water that made the formations is still around, so perhaps making a wetter-looking texture to your rock, and possibly a little trickle of water running off to one side
  • PixelMasher
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    PixelMasher polycounter lvl 8
    lookin neato, all the vertical elements should lead to a nice final composition. god of war 3 had some wicked cave visatas worth checking out, especially the pit of tartarus.
  • Boyo
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    Boyo polycounter lvl 8
    Hi, thanks for the feedbacks...

    paulsvoboda>> Yeah, that's right, it could be larger. Actually, it's a medium place, with bigger structure in the background. The lightning is artificial, like a big spot. The whole scene is inside a cave, with large structure inside.
    I realize it's not really clear right now, i rushed into construction with no concept... Ill make another paintover.
    Anyway, I enlarged a little everything.

    SasoChicken and others >> Thanks. Yep, the rock formation is due to water. I'll make other tiling rock textures, try to blend everything nicely.

    I removed part of the rooftop to open the mouth of the cave.
    To finish, i'll work on the texture, this is all still very WIP, though the comments are very welcome. So Thank you very much!!

    Small update :

  • Spinks
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    Spinks polygon
    looks great! nice ambience. do you have any plans for breaking up the rock and adding some focal points in the foreground?
  • SimonT
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    SimonT polycounter lvl 11
    really like the stones and light!!
  • duxun
    work on the background... make the viewer see far into the distance this will accomplish the depth of the cavern... incorporate a s function to why this image exists and its interest to the viewer...dont be afraid to use color in your lighting .. it creates a mood for the scene that you the artist are conveying ...

    rock on !!!!
  • Boyo
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    Boyo polycounter lvl 8
    Thanks for the great feedback.
    Another update (ok, too much? :D)
    Added colored light, worked on the background, and composition.
    Added some water and wet materials.
    Worked on the floor and rooftop.
    Added some elements.

    need to work on the structure in the background, the metal plate (it's a Unreal random texture), make other tiling textures, blend shapes, alphas for stalactite, make some Vertex Paint, and add props...

    Here it is :

  • chrisradsby
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    chrisradsby polycounter lvl 7
    Really nice work mate, personally I still feel like the composition could be nicer, once you nail that awesome angle shot it'll be brilliant. Try to work in some more variety in your scene, right now it feels a bit copy-pasted. Maybe some kind of weird plants or crystals to add some more contrast in colors. Have you tried a sky or something out there? Might be interesting.

    Keep up the good work mate!
  • SasoDuck
    I personally liked it with the softer blue light, and less physical light (like the blue fog in the back). Also there's not really any source for the blue light, which makes people assume it's artificial, since light of that color and shade does appear naturally.

    If the last shot was back-to-forward, then the light coming in would more naturally be a soft white-blue light, or better a soft yellow.

    If you're showing it from the front-to-back, then that area that has all the blue fog would likely fade to dark shadows or have a shaft of light streaming in from a hole in the ceiling.

    Not for me to say what you with, and it's certainly looking good, just trying to put out what might make it a bit more realistic and convincing.
  • Boyo
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    Boyo polycounter lvl 8
    Saso>> I have no problem with criticism, as long as it's constructive. ;)

    However, I'm not sure to understand what you mean by "back-to-forward shot"? Why does the light color should change?

    Chris>> Thankx :) Youre right, composition could be better. There's not a lot of asset right now. I'll try to add some rusty elements, differents tints with rocks. I have a recurrent issue with color, I'll to bring colors.

    Don't be afraid of the colors :D
  • SasoDuck
    Boyo wrote: »
    However, I'm not sure to understand what you mean by "back-to-forward shot"? Why does the light color should change?

    back-to-forward, as in a shot taken from the back of the cave, looking forward to the front of the cave.
    I think I also said forward-to-back, which would be the opposite: a shot taken from the cave mouth looking into the back of the cave. I's hard to tell which side is which.

    I didn't say the light's color HAD to change- all I said was that if you're not going to change it, you should define a source that the light is coming from (say, a power generator). Only because of the strange, artificial color you chose. If it were a light light blue, or a yellow, it wouldn't need a defined source since those are both colors that appear as light naturally, and someone would see them and think automatically "Oh, that's some sunlight streaming in" or in the case of super light-blue, it could pass for the color of light coming in on a foggy day. Orange also, for a sunset is a natural light color.

    To sum it up, since dark blue is not a naturally occurring light color, putting a source to define it would help make the scene more realistic.
  • chrisradsby
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    chrisradsby polycounter lvl 7
    Looking forward to the work man! :) Keep on rocking!
  • Boyo
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    Boyo polycounter lvl 8
    Saso >> Ok, thanks :) I understand.
    Chris>> Thanks!! Right now, i'll take a break far from any computer, but i'll finish this when i'm back.

    Here's a little update, a part of the background structure. I'll make a pass into Zbrush, right now it's too clean.

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