The Autonomous Vagrant

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Thought I would share the progress on my little vagrant robot before I started to build a small scene and narrative for him. Any feedback or crit is welcome.

This project originally started out as an exercise in material making, I wasn't going to finish it...but I did:)
This guy is about 3.5ft tall... so..not so big:)
uv's not so awesome, guess thats what I deserve for not planning on finishing him in the begginning:\

His body spins freely around the main cylinder of his body, the full 360 degrees. The metal tentacle/pinchers extend and retract back inside his body and have the ability to reach around his entire body. His legs are like human legs, a ball and socket at the hips and hinge at the knee, so he's capable of a full range of movement, from running and tip-toeing, to jumping and falling flat on his face. zdog2.jpg

Planning on this guy scavenging around a burned out city block, looking for life and anything else of interest. Hope you enjoy, I will be posting some concepts of a small scene here sometime soon.


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