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Hey all!

Recently I've found out somebody has been using my own work in their portfolio. Last year I worked on a contract with a company dealing with modeling realistic sections of machinery. I ended up leaving that company a few months later, and took with me a copy of the work I did, the last thing I worked on.

I ended up rendering it out, and placing it on my website. Jump forward to a few days ago, somebody else that worked there asked me if they could use those images in their website, since after I left they had worked on my model further.

I told him, that the images I have are of the work I did. He replied back asking me once again. I replied back telling him that they were mine. I found out, a minute later after visiting his site, that he had in fact already placed the images on his website, and cropped my name out of the images, and resizing them.

Here is the work on his page:

Here is the 3 images in question, as they appear on his site:

Here are the images on my page:

And here's those 3 images put together:

Now I've asked him to take it down or remove it. I haven't had a reply in well over 24hrs. So I am posting it here, asking for your advice. Any more questions feel free to ask away. He is a polycounter btw.


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