Squaresoft Town

Okay, it's been a while. Here's a new project of mine.

I'm using a Squaresoft concept painting as a springboard to experiment with simple, clean textures and parallax mapping! (but not overboard :poly142:).


Pretty cool. Now, I just started learning Sandbox 2 this last weekend, since UT3 just wasn't cutting it. So, here's a couple test props in Sandbox:

Lamp ~ 1600 tri -- 256X512
Barrel ~ 320 tri -- 256X256
Statue ~ 1600 tri -- 256X512
Sign ~ 900 tri -- 256X256
Enviro Sheets -- 512X512

Tell me what you think needs improving. Otherwise I'm just going to use this as a WIP thread as things come along. Also, I have two monitors now, and for the first time color/contrast accuracy is hazy. Anyone use a colorimeter ? (the difference between my two monitors is pretty crazy)


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