im getting the heats

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Joao Sapiro interpolator
ok , my laptop is...

so i formatted my alienware M9750 ( 4 gigs of ram , 512mb GTX7900 , 2.1 dual core ) due to lots of files etc , i wanted a clean fresh start, and installed WInXP64 bits.

so far so good , the only problem im finding is that my pc core's temperatures are always around 63 degrees celsius ( thats alot ) and i dont get why since my fans are spinning correctly, they have no dust i cleaned the pc in the inside etc .

the only other reason why this happens is because computer is using alot of cpu right ? my pc only uses 6 or 7 pc idle, and still is overheating from the moment i boot.

i really want to avoid taking it to a pc repairshop here in madrid since they are generally really BAD and tend to steal ram and replace it with shitty brand to sell on black market .

Also alienware so far havent replied to my costumer mails about bios that allows me to use 4 gigs of ram ( its a bug or something in these laptops )

sorry for this thanks !


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