Maya woes, files getting huge

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Joao Sapiro polycounter
i have this maya file with a highpoly and a lowpoly , all of them i deleted non deforming and regular history, freezed all transforms , but for some reason the file keeps getting bigger and slower and i cant use it to work like this , what do you guys think it could be ?


  • MoP
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    MoP polycounter lvl 12
    Try File -> Optimize Scene Size ?
    edit: Make sure to open the options box next to that menu item, and turn on pretty much everything ;)

    I haven't had that happen to me, so I don't really know what it might be.
  • bugo
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    bugo polycounter lvl 12
    if you dont find any solution, export all selected meshes to a new .mb and see if it works.
  • ericdigital
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    ericdigital polycounter lvl 9
    Yea I would try both, Have you been doing a lot of importing/exporting into the scene? Possible the hyershade is getting cluttered with junk. I would just grab what you need and export them into a new scene.
  • Harryscary276
    Textures can be adding to the size as well, not by much but from what you are describing every little bit will help
  • Vailias
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    Vailias polycounter lvl 13
    There may also be hidden mesh data, if you've copied or duplicated, or hidden things.

    I've had that sort of thing before. Open up hypergraph and check options->display->Hidden Nodes.

    There may be one or more older copies of your high poly or something that are just hidden, or disconnected from a proper output/display node that are bulking up the file.

    The surest way would be to Export selected meshes only like bugo says.
  • claydough
  • sama.van
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    sama.van polycounter lvl 9
    you can try the "show dag only" in your outliner...

    But probably hidden nodes...
    If you can save your file as *.ma file, open it with textpad and do a research with "lightlinker" on something like that...

    Sometimes some nodes are duplicated in the *.ma file file, and nobdy know why. The optimize scene size or clean history options cannot do anything and it doesn't apear in the graph editor or else!.

    This is manual work in your *.ma file!
  • MoP
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    MoP polycounter lvl 12
    Uh, you should never really have to do anything manually in the .ma file... in fact that sounds like a really bad idea to me unless you really know what you're doing (and even then, why not just do the same thing in Maya?!).

    For example if there are hidden nodes which have been left around from previous operations for whatever reason (I have seen a few cases of PolyBridgeEdge nodes and more often loads of GroupID nodes lying around unnecessarily), you can easily remove these through script if Optimise Scene Size doesn't get them (again, make sure that all the option boxes are checked for that tool).

    You can quite easily write a script to find nodes that have zero connections and are also hidden/intermediate, and delete them. This is infinitely preferable to hacking around in a .ma file...

    The only reason I have ever had to manually edit a .ma file was to recover some geometry data after a crash meant that part of the scene got corrupted. I have never had to edit one in order to keep the file size down, that sounds just insane to me...
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