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  • jouste
    thanks for the boost man! glad to hear your digging the pics! ;D

    thanks for the paintover and the pointers. i really like how much he popped out after you did your adjustments. i'll take that into consideration on future projects. and i gotta agree the blood appears more of an after thought, but come on, its still pretty funny that his head popped off.

    good call, i was going for a lighter look but i guess i went too far. your crit has been noted and will be processed in due time.

    thanks for dropping by! it pleases me when people dig the pigasus. i saw briefly that your a hard surface guy? keep up the good work and i look forward too sing some more of your stuff.

    so i only had 15 mins at lunch so this picture isnt that detailed. its a pouncer-beast! the standard transmogrification of prisoners by polymorphomancers. this character used to be a brave knight who stormed into the wrong dungeon and totally got captured by these wierdos.

    the polymorphomancers' process sends the poor bastard through a few phases of transformation. the first state is the pouncer, thier intellect is getting slowly smothered by a more bestial mentality. the pouncer acts like a disobediant dog but can take a few orders and do simple tasks like get the newspaper and maul tresspassers.

  • cholden
    i lurv this sketchbook and link it to important people.
  • jouste
    thanks for the mad lurv friend. i am a little curious on who these important people are but whoever they are i hope they start to share the mad lurv. a big hello to important people! (my fingers are crossed for either dan paladin or fred schneider)

    so i did up two cactus guards on my recent favorite topic "crash planet". crash planet is a crazy planet with crazy gravity wells and magnetic mountains that suck in spaceships too thier doom. so the crazy different tribes on the planet see these burning meteors full of cool stuff as gifts from thier crazy blood gods. they make a big climb up the mountains to find some food and cool stuff!

    so these are a rough design of some of the more simple minded tribes men when they are not feeling so vicious. one has found a few luminescent flutter-bys that has taken his attention while the other is getting curious as well.

    i was thinking that these guys get bigger and stupider the more they eat. so its a vicious balance the high shamans have to maintain in order too have some competant guardsman. of course they do have like crazy tribal berzerkers called gorgers or something; that they keep feeding and feeding until they are these crazy behemoth killing machines that will totally shit all over your day.

    the two guardsman are weilding stone-bones they knapped themselves with another sharper stone-bone. the only known substance to break a stone bone is another one. it's kind of like obsidian but more goofy sounding.

  • jouste
    here is a tenacious fishdog named sloberella with her sharpshooting rider who just unloaded a few rounds from his auto-boltener into the face of his rival.

    slobberella has also taken a chomp out of a nearby cactus to sate her voracious cactus addiction. the rider is based off my earlier "shivalry" ranged guy but i wanted to see how he'd look on a grounded mount with a silly face.

    i think my favorite part about slobberella (besides her adorable name) is the spines on her rump. i'd figure they'd be pretty poisonous and totally ruin your day if one happened to impale you through the juglar.

  • jouste
    here's tentaclese another wanderer on crash planet wielding a similar gravometric orblitorator that the noble star-squatches take into battle. he is made up of one crazy long space tentacle wrapped around itself to form a crazy body. he's also really strong and has a whole pile of eyeballs.

    his pet is tekker the tech-hound. these are augmented dogs that sniff out technology and eat batteries and crap static-charge. they are used by the survivors on crash planet too sniff out working technology amidts the spaceship graveyard.

    its always dangerous to rumage through the magnetic mountains because space-crafts are totally crashing there all the time and attracting more and more of the omnivourus locals.

  • Japhir
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    Japhir quad damage
    wow! the cactus guards and the tentaclese are soooo coowl! loving the idea of gravity wells :D.
  • jouste
    thanks for the boost man, i'm going to try and get more technical with some of my fiction. i actually have a good friend of mine that tries to scientifically justify a lot of my ideas.

    so i've been lame and haven't posted anything recently so i quickly threw this image together from some older art and a quick pass. its a picture of this guy who put on this totally badass helmet that is possessed by this crazy lightning and war deity. its totally infused his whole body and 2hnded mace and allowed him to decimate the three foes in front of him.

    that goofy looking thing floating above him is an avatar of the helmet getting a good look at the swath of destruction his vessel is laying all over the other guys.

    i always liked the idea of cursed items and stuff ever since i read about elric and stormbringer when i was younger.

  • jouste
    hey all, here's a quick one i did up. i tried to keep the palette a little simpler than usually and am really just scribbling a bit.

    so here's the turbiners. aerial canines that bury bones in the clouds and dismantle trans-continental ballistic missiles in mid air so they don't even blow up when they hit their destination. they were designed by some insane humanitarian that wanted to stop war once and for all the only way he knew how... by attaching turbines too dogs and giving them extensive war-head dismantle training.

  • konstruct
    hahaha awesome.
  • jouste

    thanks for the boost man, i love it when people get a kick outta my stuff. looking through your website i really liked your weapon work and vehicle stuff. nice and angular. keep up the good work man.

    so there's a bit of a story behind this guy. ren a good friend and co-worker of mine thought up this guy like almost a year ago or something. i should have drawn him a lot earlier but i totally flaked out and never got around to drawing him. ren kept bugging me and bugging me, keeping the dream of the space-mage alive and kicking around in my head.

    so here he is over lunch hour, the space mage. dual wielding wand chucks and flying on a meteor, probably something melf dreamed up. now wand-chucks are totally awesome, just imagine nun-chucks; with wands instead of wood. the amount of spells you could pull off at once, like that harry potter guy had like one and he did some stuff but imagine if he chained 4 together and wasn't a total pussy and went all bruce lee on somebody's ass.

    so the space mage also has some teched out spell books that orbit around him and are controlled via brain circuitry implants and other crazy stuff. there's a lot of tech-magic hybridization going on in the picture like a bat winged-atomic propulsion pack and an antenna-boosted wizard hat.

    i kept the palette simple again so i could get it done quicker. anyways here is the space-mage. thanks for your patience ren! (oh and ren's photo site has got some great shots, including a sweet black keys t-shirt containing an elusive jouste).


  • Slingshot
    Kicking out the cool stuff as always! Is that a remote controlled book? Space Mage Rocks!
    I really like the "tentaclese and tekker the tech-hound" picture, man if I had time it would be fun to zbrush that guy.
    Other sketches look good too. Mega Ultra head bash picture, owns!
  • jouste
    thanks for the boost man ;D yeah i'm a big fan of tekker as well. the thing is with his design you really only need half a dog to make him, which means you can make 2 tekkers out of 1 dog. talk about efficient cybernetics. and ass for tenteclese, i'm going to get a few character sheet type stuff up here for fun and after i get japhir's lobstradomus up i'll think about doing up tenteclese for fun as well.

    so i've beeen dabbling lightly in steam punk and watching alot of videos on flourentine style swordsman ship so i thought i would whip up a quick steam-dualist.

    i kept the detail mostly at his chest armor. he's also got a cool neckbrace to prevent whiplash when he's swinging into action. he also has a motor gun incase some foe tries to scamper away from his impecable fencing skills. as far as a quick sketch goes i'm pretty happy with it as it's got me thinking of other ways to execute the style of steam-punkery.

  • Wells
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    Wells polycounter lvl 11
    i cannot get enough of your work.

    absolutely love your blood. i want your brushes :poly128:
  • jouste
    thanks for the props. and for the blood just search through the "splatter" section at cgtextures. that's pretty much all i ever use cause i'm lazy and it's effective with a few layer style changes. as for my other brushes i could send you my list if you'd like. they're basically a select few from goros, that mike guy from gnomon and some other areas.

    So a 45 minuter. its enslave-O the tall! enslave-o is an enslaver that can mentally enslave anyone who is shorter than him. and the guy stands at a pretty beefy 7'2. oh will noone tall enough liberate the poor folk doomed to forever mine the plateau of the mineral moons of j'ahdar? will noone help them?

    the mineral moons are like totally chock full of really great minerals for building death-rays and microwaves and other of life's necessities. enslave-o gets the best return on his work force because they are enslaved.

    i tried to push the saturation a little more than i typically do because my finger slipped on the slider and i was too lazy to undo.

  • jerry
    The stories are part of the the artwork i feel. Your stuff just cracks me up every time. I love it.
  • jouste
    thanks for the boost man! it always makes me feel good to know i cracked up somebody from the netherlands. and yes i am slowly finding that for people to dig my stuff i definitely need to justify it with a bit of story seeing as how they are pretty ridiculous.

    so here's another quick one i worked on last night before crashing. it's rhine-awesomus the scourge of the galactic high templar! the devoted follower of jouste lore will notice the visors on his waistband as none-other than the fabled starsquatchian war visors! and whats this!? is that flail some kind of jury rigged grav-o-metric orbliterator? oh heavens!

    so it appears that rhine-awesomus has defeated TWO starsquatches and used their visors as trophies and their weapons for himself. but between you and me he just took their stuff from them when they were in the shower or something because come on, starsquatches are awesome and no bully rhino-man with a cool name could ever defeat one of these guys in a fair fight.

    but fairness is over now, rhine-awesomus now as a neptunic-gravity smasher and is not afraid to kick some galactic high templar ass with it. his armor also sports tiny guns on the top that i wanted to name after those birds that sit on a rhino and eat dead skin or whatever, unfortunately searching google for "those tiny birds that sit on rhino's backs" left me alone and empty. his horns and fore-arm blades are made out of pure laser and are totally badass.

    we can also see the saturnic stabilizers on the rhino-man's arm and the crackling energy slowly taking over the left side of his body, once that blueness closes into his core... he will be a really big pain in the ass too color.

  • Japhir
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    Japhir quad damage
    brilliant, i'm loving the storys, sketches and everything. but you already knew that :P.
  • jouste
    always good too hear from you man, thanks for the good thoughts ! and i swear i'll post that character sheet up here fairly soon.

    so over lunch i did up the perpetual martian machine! see there's this breed of martian that can fall in love with and procreate with machines. so this dude martian totally fell in love with this smoking hot perpetual motion machine and had a bunch of kids together that CANNOT BE STOPPED!!! so they go by the name "the perpetuals" or the "perpetual martian machine".

    in the image below we see that frank has been discovered by his brother sam. frank has recently lost his body due to a well aimed blast from an alien cauterizer. we can see that frank's body has already started to grow back and continue going, he just needs a little help getting upright.

    the main problem with perpetual existence is that you get really lazy and a lot of the perpetuals aren't really good at anything. oh there's the odd one that's a crack shot, or a slick pilot, but the majority are doofuses that get destroyed daily.

    some races have even captured a few of them and use them for weapon's testing and target practice.

  • Wells
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    Wells polycounter lvl 11
    the wee birds are called oxpeckers, though their enemies whisper the name "askari wa kifaru" to each other while huddling all close and breathy. still others know them as tick birds, but I pity them because they are stupid.
  • Slingshot
    Weird, just weird. But now that I think about it, if your sibling could regenerate you could do some pretty mean things to them and that could be fun. Of course in the evil diabolical way.

    If you keep sketching at this pace you will run out of digital paint jouste :)
    Aww #0018ff is running low again!
  • killingpeople
    you had me at "dimensional venom", although i was reading through your thread backwards...
    no, really creative doodles, i'm glad i got to see them
  • jouste
    man, an answer to my question and a swahili lesson all in one post! you my friend are a star. and i'd much rather go with the swahili hame for his whole armor because it means "guard of the rhino"? or something to that effect? it would be cool to be so literal with the armor name ;D.

    thanks for the comments slingshot, always good to hear from you. and i never even thought about runing out of digital ink... know anywhere where i could get the stuff? i got this guy, says he can get me 40 quarts of #0018ff for like 90 euros...

    thanks for stopping by man! always good too know some p[eople brave the dust and hit up my older sketches, it was comments back then that made me brave what i do now so i like too visit them from time to time. i NOTORIOUSLY throw out my older drawings, now with them stuck on here i'm less inclined too and actually have seen alot of development

    so another 30-40minute sketch. just a simple mermaid warrior and her barnacle dog barney. barnacle dogs are quite amphibious but can brave beach walkings from time too time. time enough for the man-eating mermaids to muster up a meal of men!

    i made this one fast like cause i wanted to get back at you nice guys who took the time too answer questions and drop a line. thanks all!

  • Dakkon
    Cool stuff man. Looks like a mermaid on a merloc :)
  • Slingshot
    Ya cant go wrong with a busty mermaid that's for sure!
  • jouste
    thanks for the boost dakk, and i'd be lying if i told you that i didn't like murlocs. anything deep-one-ish is cool stuff in my books.

    i partially agree with your statement on things "going wrong" with a busty mermaid. i can think of a few things that could go tragically wrong with a busty mermaid but i really wouldn't want to get into those while i'm this sober.

    so over lunch i drew the inflamous hell bellies! these impish creatures have hardwired nuclear engines in their chests and use them to spew "smart-fire" over thier enemies. smart fire is like fire that can be specifically programmed (upon release) to burn specific matter. so you could set it too "cheerleader's clothes and "ignore cheerleader". kind of like an x-ray specs that melt off anything you don't want too see. (set it to burn flesh and not bones for example).

    the left-most hell belly is riding a doom-goat. doom goats are really awesome cause they have "doom" in thier name, and no-one is really quite as cool as dr. doom.

    the right-most hell belly is looking over his most recent project; an intergalactic defence officer decided to bother him with a raygun and is now a pile of melted goo fused disgustingly to bones.

  • Slingshot
    Aww I was hoping to see an example of this "smart-fire" on the cheerleader in your picture right after I was done reading.
    The hooves on the goat are a little dainty to be supporting that weight tho. Looks good, I really dig the back grounds you always put on these sketches.
  • jouste
    hey there slingshot, yeah i actually keep the hooves and feet of a lot of my guys small to make it look like they could be more agile and "toon" them up a bit. i find beefy boots to look really limiting. and thanks for digging the backgrounds. its really quite easy to pull that effect off, just gotta snag some nice textures and play with the layer styles ;D.

    so recently a few people i know saw some of my stuff and it was kind of unanimous that my old slaughter-ball image got the most laughs. so i decided to draw a few more "goals".

    here's degg, degg is totally bat-shit crazy and has a tendency to eat opposing tumblers (tumblers are those little guys that are always trying to score on them, usually ALOT smaller and weaker). degg defends for the blue faction.


    frankus hails from the red faction, his species appears to be blind but all the tiny hairs on his body are actually hyper sensative eyestalks. in the image above we can see him spitting; frankus' saliva is incredibly corrosive and has found its way onto many doomed players.


    the last goal i drew was blue, playing on the blue faction. blue has a cybernetic right hand that is constantly malfunctioning because it's haunted. that doesn't make the hand any less deadly in the games cause as we can see in the rear view it has gone all laser on us and can totally ruin our day. blue's a little amphibian, but with the right medication he's managed to survive on land with a steady intake of liquids.

  • rollin
  • Slingshot
    I like the corrosive spitting, eye fur seeing red faction character the best.
  • konstruct
    Ooooooh these would be fun to model... definatly do more character sheets down the road. would be fun to come up with an arena for these guys.
  • Davidskiwan
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    Davidskiwan polycounter lvl 11
    Loving your work man, you've got an excellent style, the way they're coloured makes them even better. My fave is the centaur guy a few pages back ^^ You have a lot of movement and energy in your work, something I'm a big fan of.
  • Ferg
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    Ferg polycounter lvl 10
    be careful with these totally badass slaughterball designs.... someone might get excited and try to make a video game out of em :smokin:
  • jouste
    thanks for the props! always good to get support from munich!

    you know slinger, he's my fave as well, a lot of people prefer degg tho cause of his crazy eyes.

    thanks man! and yes more sheets will be on the way. and on the arena, i have been playing around with a few ideas and traps and stuff so we'll have to see what ends up coming from that. and once the sheets come feel free to model them! get these slaughter-ballers out in the world! just remember to mention your favorite jouster when you crank together some sexy beauty shots ;D.

    thanks for the boost man! ahh yes, molluscus! good to know he is still snagging fans! thanks a lot for droping by and don't be a stranger.

    lol you flatter me ferg old pal. people may get excited over stuff but nobody's ambitious enough to activley steal somethin like slaughterball, or any of my ideas for that matter. but that sure would be neat-o eh? a bunch of chunky monstrous goals running around and gibbing swarms of little guys trying to score a few points? man i'd laugh pretty hard.

    so its been a bit but here is some switch-fork imps straight from the bowels of hell, imbued with heck-nology! now before you go all crazy and start asking stupid questions like "hey jouste you handsome devil, what exactly IS heck-nology?" i'll fill you in. heck-nology is like technology, but from hell. a lot of smart guys and crazy guys probably ended up down there so there is some really cool technologies being invented.

    primarily these war-imps are armed with the very effective switch-forks. the switch-fork on the left is in its closed position, useful for traveling and safety. the switch-fork on the right is deployed and ready to thwart foes and vaporize opposition.

    so as it stands heaven's forces are a little behind because i can't rhyme anything heaven related with technology so for now the hecknologically advanced hellions shall reign supreme!
  • J Randall
    Oh that is niiiiiiice. I like how even with a red bg they just pop right out at you good work. I give you the claps :clap:
  • Zephir62
    I've been seeing a psychiatrist lately. I told him about you and your art, and he said I should be upfront about my problem with you to help fix it. Jouste, I have a confession to make - I've been chronically masturbating to this thread for a few months now.

    That was really hard to get out, but I definitely feel better. Thanks.
  • Japhir
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    Japhir quad damage
    wow those last two guys are awesome! loving those shapes!
    there has to be a way to get this made into a game :P.
  • Ged
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    Ged polycounter lvl 9
    Im really enjoying the characters, Id really like to see you bring some depth into your work with stronger colour, like the strength of the colours on the flaming pitchfork are great, that much expression on the clothes and skin etc would be great to see.
  • Slingshot
    Yeah nice, the one on the right has sweet emotional look. I almost want to say this is one of my favorite pieces of work you have done yet.
  • jouste
    @j randall:
    sweet! i graciously receive the claps and thank you for the props. and i agree that red tends to lose a lot of edge, but i really needed that hellion red to give those switch-forks some extra meanness.

    man what a relief to hear that, i've been furiously masturbating to your responses for a few months now. i also think that we are seeing the same psychiatrist...

    haha thanks for the boost japh, and there is a way to get my stuff into a game, it involves getting a lot of important people insanely drunk for the duration of the project.

    for my next sketch i'll give what you said there a shot, i've been afraid of color for a long time before i got some good pointers from all of you guys and now i'll give that color push a shot in the future.

    you can say it if you want slinger, i'm a fan of the switch-fork imps as well. glad you liked the impression and always good too hear from you.

    so here's the ginger-dead man! he gallops around on his demon stove and bakes minions! ginger-minions! oh man is that ever scary.

    that little guy on top of the pizza shovel ( i've come too rely on sectaurs to correct my ) is not quite ready to unleash his sweet sweet vengeance upon the world but he is still super excited to be sentient!

    i made up these guys as helpers for witches, gingerbread slaves and planks are made out of the demon stove there and the gingerbread houses are erected soon after! the only grim thing about the stoves is that they eat children! just like the crazy old witches in grimm's fairy tales, these stoves gain their power from eating children! DUNNN DUNN DUNNNNN!!!

    can no one stop the child eating?!?

    the short answer is no, because nobody can mess with an damned army of tasty gingerbread fiends. well i wouldn't anyways, cause i love gingerbread and couldn't stand to see it acting so evil.

  • Baxter
    I'm lovin these man, especially the Switch-fork Imps. I'm really digging every little stories for your pieces too!

    Run run as fast as you can... :P
  • Wells
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    Wells polycounter lvl 11
    it's called a 'peel'

    this opens up a world of puns
  • Klash120
    omgwtfetcetc~ I need to create a new word for this awesome! FANTAWSOMSTIC!? Srsly though, awesome work. Looking forward to your next piece. (That Wand-chuck, genious!)
  • wizo
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    wizo polycounter
    oh gawd,I cant believe how fast you are pumping these out. Btw those two devil guys look great, awesome work.
  • Saidin311
    Heck-nology ftw! It's gonna power my unearthly entry haha.
  • jouste
    thanks for the boost baxterino! i'll mark another tick on the switch-forker guys for a model sheet or something if they get anymore popular.

    thanks for the quick and informative reply as always sectaurs. always good to hear from you. i still like the ring of "pizza shovel" a little more tho.

    thanks for the mad props dude! and on the wand-chucks, i thought i was being really clever but apparently it has been used by those cool dudes down at 8 bit theatre before me. so i'm not as much of a genious as i originally thought.

    another tick for the imps! thanks for stopping by again wizo, and i tend to side on quantitiy over quality and my finished pieces have notoriously suffered.

    go for it man! let the awesome fires of heck-nology fuel your hell bent designs! i'd expect nothing less from you!

    so its been a bit but here's a quick character sheet for anyone to enjoy! it's degg the slaughterballer with a few notes and some rudimentary turn-arounds! we all now know that slaughterball goals are super hardcore and don't mess around, now an ambitious modeller can tackle this sheet and crank out thier very own slaughterballer!

    i'm going to try to get a few more sheets like this finished just for fun and practise. i find it a really good excersise in patience (of which i have none) and skill (of which i have minimal).

  • jouste
    hey all! glad to see so much awesome go down on those unearthly challenge threads. before i embrace my own little slice of that action i wanted to finish up another character for fun!

    so here is a lizardian freedom-liberator. their blood is like the 4th greatest source of energy in the universe and they usually use it to fuel everything from their weapons to their ships. its like donating blood to your m-16.

    in fact some of the bigger and more pushy races harvest these guys for their sweet sweet energized vitae and put them in horrible slave pens! it's up to this plucky individual and his saturnic-meteor projector to save his co-worker pals from the horrible camps!

    good luck lizzardian freedom-liberator!

  • RustyFranks
    i get giddy like a school girl on the inside when i see you've made a new post

    great work as usual, please keep em coming
  • warriah
    nice style, love the the inflamous hell bellies
  • jouste
    thanks for the boost man! and i shall keep them coming as long as blood courses through these veins o' mine!

    yes! a fan of the hell bellies! they didn't get to much love when i showed them around so its good to hear somebody digs em ;D.

    so i know i need to get back on my UC stuff but before that i HAD to do some fan art. as you may or may not know, dan paladin is probably my favorite artist (sans comic book artists), i met him at last years comic convention and he cemented his role as my favorite with his demeanor and general kindness.

    anyways behemoth's castle crashers has been the most fun i've had with a game for a looooooonnnnggg time. i love absolutely everything about it, i love behemoth and what they've put together and had to draw something inspired by them.

    when i unlocked the barbarian character i knew i had a favorite dude. when i was wielding a crit-lobster, launching axes, and being followed by a bat that bites peoples' heads i pretty much needed to change my pants.

    so a big thank you and congratulations to behemoth and their beat-em-up magnum opus!

  • man_o_mule
    lol. The behemoth does indead kick ass. and dan paladin rocks as an artist.

    Your fan art is flipping awesomesauce. gonna make it my new desktop background.
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