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  • kiril0t
    Awesome, this is getting me excited about drawwring, tanx. its so fun.
    love the intitial crock sketch.
  • jouste
    good to hear that you'd hit it my man. and i'm stoked that you're thinking about trying out a looser approach. i find that i am to loose and free from in my drawings and they end up looking as sloppy as a bulldog eating mayonnaise. i constantly try to remedy this but as it turns out, i'm far too lazy.

    thanks for the boost man. yeah i'm a fan of the shield as well. i'm actually going to do a closer and more detailed version of the thing. i imagine the wielder doing a really quick fly-by and dicing off a head or something equally awesome and gory.

    great news man and thanks for the boost. and you BETTER damn well get excited about drawing. it's the only thing that separates us from the animals

    so it has been a bit since posting but there was things going on so i'll do better next time.

    here is my version of a chimera, i skipped the lion head cause i got manticores so let's just say that the goat head ATE the lion head like a cannibalistic ozzy ozborne and chubbed up a bit. the snake tail is a great addition that keeps animals from chasing their own tails and looking like jackasses.

    now the pain-apple-flail (aside from sounding like a delicious dessert) is adambrome fault. he said that if i didn't fit a flaming pineapple into my next post that he'd use his super admin powers and erase my existence on these forum's forever. (ed. note - you're lucky Jesse, I was this close || to banning your sorry ass) so i put it on a chain and called it a pain-apple (yeah i know i just posted the pain-deer but nobody ever said i was above stealing my own ideas).

    so again i think i have gotten a good idea of what i want from my rider series and its time to move onto some more fleshed out core sketches instead of these weird attempts at color studies.

    so i'll be posting more sketchier stuff up soon. this image was done in about an hour dancing between PS and sketchbook

  • Japhir
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    Japhir quad damage
    lol your designs get crazier every time ;). looking forward to the new sketches!
  • jouste
    tanks for the boost man. i'm hoping i can keep up the pace on these sketches and back too the "one a day" type of thing.

    so here's jack asstronaught, one of my characters that's stuck with me for a while. he's in space (hence the space beer) and everyone in the universe has become a bounty hunter so it gets a little crazy.

    i made him up cause i thought it would be funny if the universe could become stagnant and die if there wasn't anything going on to "mix it up". so the idea was that the universe picks some poor bastard that's doomed to be a crap magnet. like the worst things happen around this guy; cosmic storms, alien kidnappings, galactic wars, all seem to follow this guy around to keep the universe all stirred up and healthy.

    enter jack-asstronaught; a donkonian weapon's runner. the most bad-ass smart-ass in the galaxy. he's got a cool magno-blaster as his main side arm, but he's using a typical ray-gun in this image. the attachment he's adding is a trans-dimensional disruptor, so when it disintegrates someone it takes out any copies of the victim in another parallel dimension free of charge.

    so my space genre had a few more goofy guys like this that i may draw later on, they are a lot of fun to do and the stories i had going for them all involved some kind of super violence. and super violence as we all know is the only thing that separates us from the animals.

    about 40mins in all

  • adam
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    adam mod
    Jesse - have you ever taken your concept linework further and cleaned it up? Not that I don't love your sketches, I am just curious how'd they hold up with weighted single lines.
  • Slingshot
    Sill liking you sketches, keep rolling em out!

    I love your shark signature I was not being a hater, just baffled that your signature was a shark.

    Funny stuff.. the chimera and pain-apple-flail pic, I love the "ax head" you are putting on stuff, in odd places like the helmet and on the pic before that the shield. The guy with the ax helmet should be a chef when he is not jacking fools with food, using his helmet to cut vegetables.

    jack asstronaught: make the laser gun be a pump laser gun. Like a Pump shotgun but with a laser :)

    I agree with Adam Brome on the post above /\ /\
  • jouste
    the next step in these things will be a more polished approach. i never try to polish things to much because i find that i could never get anything done because i would need to keep iterating.

    good call, i'm all about chef warriors. and combining lasers and shotguns is probably going to be the greatest accomplishment of the human race. so good suggestion pal.

    so here's another old character of mine i actually got some writing in on. he's lobstradomus, the warrior prophet.

    after a pile of war and other crap, the earth got really hurtin'. mutants all over the place, even deities and gods got all screwed up looking. the world is ending and all hope is gone. enter lobstradomus, the lobstarian warrior prophet hailing from the toxic oceans. lobstradomus wields the left claw of his god and has forseen a healed world and is ready to fight his way too that premonition.

    but basically he's a goofy looking lobsterman who wields a big claw-gun. he had a myriad of other characters, all equally strange and poetic. a little over the top but i always liked hyperbole when combined with lobstermen.

  • Japhir
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    Japhir quad damage
    oh god i'd love to model that! very cool! the way the cigarette sticks between his "lips" is hilarious.
  • jouste
    thanks for the boost and i'll see about getting a character sheet of the guy up soon if you'd seriously like to take a bash at it. its aways awesome when your work gets more people stoked on working ;D.

    so here is an idea i got from misspelling "motor-head" in an email once. so lets say that our scientists totally grafted nuclear engines onto genetically modified cattle because the idea is over-flowing with awesome. what could go wrong? perpetually eating, breeding cattle with the strength of of 12 robot man fighters? sounds pretty awesome to me.

    but then DUN DUN DUNNNN!! something went horribly wrong! the herd became bigger and bigger! its atomic appetite consuming everything in their path! they took to space in search of more grazing grounds and use their huge reserves of energy to blast through the cosmos in a horrific swarm of bastardly bovine!

    so its kind of crammed into my jack-asstronaught space genre but i think it would have to be a little more obscure to really work with a talking donkey spaceman, but we'll have to see.

    i just drew one here, but you get the idea, they'd be pretty scary i figure. got this guy done over lunch (35mins) flipping from PS to alias sketchbook pro.

  • Japhir
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    Japhir quad damage
    jouste wrote: »
    thanks for the boost and i'll see about getting a character sheet of the guy up soon if you'd seriously like to take a bash at it. its aways awesome when your work gets more people stoked on working ;D.

    Seriously? if you'd do that i would absolutely model him. :D. i'll even let you determine the specs for it ;). first i wanna try modeling a gun though for the mini challenge. something non-character every now and then should make me appreciate modeling characters more ;).

    I love the storys you write up about the characters by the way, they are entertaining and funny too :poly120:
    keep it up!
  • Slingshot
    Jouste, where are all those lunchtime sketches at? Your not eating are you? Eating bad, drawling sketches good. Anyway, looking forward to more sketchez.
  • Slum
    I love how dynamic some of those pieces are. Really cool stuff!
  • jouste
    yeah dude i'll for sure see about getting a sheet up of him just for some reference at least. glad to hear your interested in the lobsterian warrior prophet!

    you got me dude, it has been to long. i've been jumping back into some attempted character work on the side and its left me with some really ugly character sheets and some geometry i'm trying to make into something reasonable. i'll get back on the lunch horse tho, i promise.


    thanks for the boost man, i do appreciate the nod to dynamic posing, i try and make up for my lack of fine art and completion for interesting poses and topics.

    so i'm pretty mad at myself for not getting anything down in the last little while due to a few side projects and that blasted real life getting down my neck. but here is a character i created a while back with some great game designer friends of mine.

    the premise is "escape from howlcatraz" a story where a whole pile of porcine prisoners are incarcerated on a horrible island that's policed by big bad wolves. there's a whole pile of different pigs but everyone of them is going to be very specialized in their skills. the pigs must co-operate and use these powers too escape the horrible clutches of the wolf guards, think "lost vikings" with a pile more guys.

    a pretty simple idea that made me able to focus on very direct elements (spike for example takes care of the horizontal advancement of the group with a grappling harpoon). the idea started to take shape and soon enough i had an all-star line up of these goofy little pig-men.

    the wolves are more of your A-typical nazi like goons that are generally faceless and heavy-handed. and howlcatraz is a very dark and nightmarish prison.

    so yeah, it's a neat idea that allowed me to go all over the place and have fun. done over lunch (about 40 mins) alias sketchbook pro and some PS.

  • EricElwell
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    EricElwell greentooth
    nice, nice, baby. (too cool)
  • Slingshot
    Your still alive, Yay!
    Nice pig. I like the subtle details you put on stuff like the price tag on the spear gun.
  • Mark Dygert
    That pig is great! I like how you tied the strokes in the background into the shape and pose of the pig. The pig oozes WW2 French resistance.

    The current project might be a bit too dark but often those make for some awesome childern's books, wink wink... nudge, nudge... Do it I dare ya!
  • jouste
    tanks for the boost. and i'm assuming your post was sung to the tune of vanilla ice's more famous pieces. i prefer "go ninja, go ninja, go" of ninja rap myself.

    good eye on the price tag slinger. yeah usually when i deal with really simple subject matter i tend to pick a favorite area and add a little something for people to look at and figure out.

    hey its that slick modeler vig! i really like your recent stuff in the sketchbook thread, yours is the kind of modeling i really take into consideration when working on my own stuff.

    and i totally didn't realize how much i was pulling from the french resistance fighters of WW2 but after some quick looks into a few reference files i almost guffawed at how much i took from them. even the spear gun looks kinda like a sten (british i know, but easily acquired by partisans because of their mass production). so thanks for the plug as it made me take a dive through my older references.

    and a dare on making a children's book! i'll have too look into that and see just how lucrative corrupting our youth with subliminal messages really is.

    so here's another quick rider sketch, nothing too fancy i just hate posting in here with nothing to show.

    after a series of still poses it was apparent that anything i do in the rider vein has to be moving and dynamic. i also decided to give myself bonus points if i managed to have one rider killing the other one brutally.

    this particular rider is a hybrid of a warrior and master of the dark arts. so i guess that means he's not really a master of the dark arts, more like a dark arts hobbyist. he's sold himself out to some horrible deity and summoned a dreaded "psyclone" to ride from the twisted fields of the dark unknown! these creatures were once dimensional travelers seeking the universe's ultimate truths but after discovering a fraction of it they went so crazy they turned into these wierd bat things! doomed for eternity to be servants of an awful cthulhu like monster and those that worship him!

    the rider has also just finished of some guy with a weapon kinda based off a kusari gama.

    about 40 mins off and on in alias and PS

  • Phobos
    Worst artwork on an internet forum thread evar.
  • Slingshot
    "just how lucrative corrupting our youth with subliminal messages really is." Its priceless that how lucrative it is. Think of having your own art peons.

    Nice sketch, at first I thought some one was throwing a corpse at the guy on the flying beast until I read your mini story.
  • jouste
    keep walking buddy... keep walking

    i shall look into the children's book thing seeing as how you do indeed say it is lucrative.

    so i decided to get a little more sci-fi and unleash the star-squatch! this fierce cosmic-ape man can wield the insanely heavy gravometric-orbliterator. we can see in the image below that his foe has been soundly smiten by the casual swing of this battle-lusted warrior, the idea came to me from remembering the old pen and paper RIFTS role playing game where you could be a modern day sasquatch that wielded lasers and stuff.

    so i figured it would be cool to have like a cosmic-knights templar made up of space sasquatches. now you may say "jouste you moron, a sasquatch has big feet, what are you trying to pull here?" well to those people of little faith i say that sasquatch's blood is very dense and requires alot of zero-point energy and inter-planetary travel to be circulating in full force. terran sasquatches have had blood pooling in thier feet and has resulted in poor circulation to the more brainy parts of the beast; making them a dull-witted wood-ape.

    in the cosmo's sasquatch are amongst the strongest and most revered entities on the galactic battlefield; wielding the very stars as thier weapons of cosmic justice!

  • sinistergfx
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    sinistergfx greentooth
    Love it! Do more action shots!
  • jouste
    thanks for the boost man, i took you're advice have been pushing some of my action shots.

    so here's ragnarock-em sock-em, the dimensional puncher. this guy can punch through anything; i mean ANYTHING. this guy can punch through the fabric of time. he can punch into our dimension and punch you right out. he can punch-out your fear of heights then proceed to punch in your hopes and dreams of becoming a photographer.

    and if you think this guy's insane punching powers are way to hard to comprehend just take a look at the guy; he needed to weld his brain in to keep it from exploding at the mere thought of time-punch theory.

    time-punch theory is the theory that anything in the universe can be punched to drastically effect their outcomes. luckily ragnarock-em sock-em is more interested in finding the ultimate answer and punching it than punching our plans for the weekend.

  • Slingshot
    Hey just wondering do you make up your mini novel for you characters as you go, before you make your character, or after you have made your character. I like the mini novels so keep em' coming.

    Hey can i borrow him to punch a couple of people I know? just for a day, that is.
    Really like the punching arm.
  • jouste
    the mini novels are made after i draw guys usually cause i have a habit of drawing a lot of stupid things and i need to justify them pretty quickly before people expose me for the sham i am.
    if my drawing is making more sense i usually start trying to figure out what's up story-wise with my guy in the first few scratches on the tablet, the rest is cake.

    presenting the BIRDZERKER! a native of some crazy planet in some crazy tribe. the guy in the tree is the grand-balmer, these guys slather a disgusting cocktail of honey and pheromones over the warrior that attracts piles and piles of the local "agonizing-pain bees". the bees ruthlessly sting the birdzerker, accelerating its adrenaline glands to like 11, getting it all geared up to go birdzerk.

    the mighty weapon the birdzerker is wielding is a bonezerker, (mainly named that because it's fun to say) these war glaives can smash like anything apart and are made from the petrified bones of an invincibird.

    invincibirds are also awesome but i'll draw one later.

  • Japhir
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    Japhir quad damage
    i love your stories and characters! very inspirational!
  • adam
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    adam mod
    Jesse, you're Nazi.
  • Rory_M
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    Rory_M keyframe
  • jouste
    thanks for the boost japh, i'm stoked that your getting inspired and making more and more cooler stuff!

    sure just tell everybody why don't you

    thanks for the boost man! my style isn't the most well received that's for sure. i think i've come to the conclusion that people like my stuff... but just as a friend. you know what i mean?

    so it's been a bit since something new hit the book but here goes. the super awesome dental-kinetic! so he's like a regular bio-mancer that has chosen a focus on teeth. when bio-magi choose a school of power they become crazy awesome when using those particular parts.

    so our bio-mage friend is launching a huge fang at the charging knight and it's totally going through his head at a crazy speed. the enamelmancer could of easily torn the teeth out of the guy's head and launched them back at him but the dragon fang missle was a way funnier image.

  • Slingshot
    Man I feel like that charging knight when I have to pay $$$ to fill up my car with gas.

    Looks good Jouste, on to the next sketch!
  • jouste
    thanks for the boost man, and yes gas prices sure are a gouger these days

    speaking of things that gouge here is a sloppy undead soldier i did up. his name is skeletony and he;s really exhausted because he's been killing guys for a really long time. his sword is totally magical and eats souls and stuff like stormbringer but it's draw back is that it always has to sit in the front row of a movie theater and that can get really annoying.

    i went kind of for an art nouveau look and totally failed miserably, in fact the only thing the borders really did for my picture was give me a reasonable excuse to draw eyeballs and tentacles. either way this guy was fun to draw and the coloring was really intuative and reactive (which explains the total lack of cohesiveness and direction).

  • Japhir
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    Japhir quad damage
    this one is by far the best one yet! very very cool! maybe not as humorous as the others but more intimidating and cool :D.
    do you have something like a homepage or whatever? with all of these sketches on it?
  • aesir
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    aesir polycounter lvl 11
    this last one is awesome. you are awesome.
  • Ferg
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    Ferg polycounter lvl 10
    very nice jousty, how long did this one take you? Ever thinkin about doin a series of characters from the same "world"? With your backstories and fuckloads-of-character drawing style, it would be sweet to see two or three characters from the same "story", see how you tie em all together, work out some complimentary silhouettes, all that good shit.

    Keep on rockin metal soldier
  • jouste
    thanks for the boost man, as far as a home page all i really got is a photobucket account a few of my friends are following the RRS on this site. i'd like to get a start on one but i'd like to get a few more pieces that don't suck done first.

    thanks for the boost. awesome is pretty much my favorite word ever so i'm stoked you dig my stuff!

    that last one took me over the course of 2 and a half hours because i was doing alot of horsing around and experimenting, and southpark was on... and that's a pretty good idea with the character series, i guess i'd have to pick the most popular characters and base it around them. i will look into thaqt my friend, thanks for the suggestions.

    so i did a 40 minuter over lunch just so i could reply to you guys with an image bacause i hate naked posts in a sketchbook thread.

    here's the count! i adamBrome was wearing the polycounter t-shirt yester day so i did up a little homage to the guy with the green and grey! oh he may look innocent enough staring up at those cute fire flys BUT BEHOLD CASUAL VIEWER!!! the count's hands are dusty with light! *gasp* he has squished one of the firefly's earlier! oh the humanity!!

  • curry23
    I love your characters, they are very unique! You have a really fun style going on here!
    Sometimes the poses come across a little stiff to me though, but I can't get poses right myself XD
    Looking cool!
  • jouste
    thanks for the boost curry! i agree with you that i gotta loosen up some of my poses, a lot of times i have a tendency to have way too much fun with the rough under sketch and then get all hung up on the boring polishing part.

    so her's flaps, flaps comes from this jungle kinda planet were there is like no way you could ever get a blacksmith or a lathe going. so in order for flaps to kick total ass he has to tear the extremely tough appendages off of the native creatures and use them as bludgeons and/or armor. flaps is currently arming himself with dual fore-claws of a razor-crab.

    there's a lot of cool different ideas i had for armored animals that flaps would have to rip apart to get geared up from. like slaughter-mice and terror-worms and stuff like that. because with great hyphens come great monstrous hybrids.

    flaps is named flaps because i had a lot of fun drawing his weird flaps of skin. plus having one syllable (1.5?) it carries the punch he needs to be pictured tearing apart a deadly crustacean.

  • jouste
    hey all! so over lunch i sketched down a quick and dirty fire-based hero!
    he's the igknighter! now what fire-based hero would be complete without a molten alien symbiont?not much of one i'll tell you right now.

    igknighter channels the piles and piles of energy leaking out of the incredibly lazy salamander alien pictured groggily at the bottom right of the page. basically we could all be human hell-bombs if we had one of those things floating around in our system.

    so the salamander supplies us with cool pyro powers, and we haul his lazy ass around and feed him occasionally, pretty good trade off if you ever wanted to fry something beyond recognition

  • Gomie
    So many crazy, cool concepts. WOW!
    The undead knight... my fav.
  • jouste
    thanks for the boost! glad you dig the undead soldier, i kinda went for a typical character with that and it turned out better than i thought it would.

    so here's the brain-bandit! a brainian from some crazy planet far off in the galaxy. he harvests brains and networks them into his awesome brain suit to increase his synapse speeds!

    currently he has defeated a mercenary in the sewers and extracted the man's brain with his surgical cerebellum-yanker-outer. the mercenary has a confused look on his face as he checks out the top half of his skull but sadly the brain bandit has gotten away with his prize.

    the brain bandit is an older character of mine that i felt like updating. he initially was a human that collected brains and put them into slave devices and controlled them. i'd like to still keep that idea with this char because i always loved robotic crabs with brain jars all over them. if i remember correctly i named his ship the "relentless obscurity" because he was smart enough to know he was incurably insane.

  • Japhir
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    Japhir quad damage
    omg that one's hillarious :D. your improving on your color usage aswell!
  • jouste
    thanks for the compliments man, i'm glad you liked the pic ;D. i really like it when people find my stuff humorous.

    so i did up a cool intergalactic sport called slaughter-ball, or pain-ball, or like kill-ball or something like that. any ways the goals are actually green washing machine style windows on really big and scary aliens. teams try to throw a spiked metal ball (pictured on the left) into the green window, killing the goal tender and scoring a point.

    so the green star-sharks aren't doing to well in this picture. their point man got a bit roughed up a few moments ago and is being dragged around. his flanker also dropped his knife and is totally getting out of there.

    the goaltender's rarely get scored on but the audience never cares as there's plenty of violence to take their mind off the silly rules. the knife that number 4 was wielding can be seen on youtube fighting a watermelon if you simply click the image.

  • Jaco
  • Zephir62
    Donate to a sperm bank because there needs to be more of you in this world.
  • Slingshot
    Hey man your sketches are looking allot better, especially that undead soldier named skeletony way up their /\ /\.

    I would really be curious to see what one of your sketches with double the time put into it would look like, just to see what kind of concept madness you could really make it. Stuff looks good tho, keep posting like a mad man.
  • wizo
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    wizo polycounter
    So much style and craziness going on,I got a good laugh while watching these. Keep em coming!
  • jouste
    thanks for the boost man! glad to hear you digging my stuff ;D

    done and done my friend. i appreciate the greatest compliment i have ever had, many thanks.

    the image on this post took about double time. its my first attempt at a longer one, and it was a little exhausting to say the least. waaay too many little lines. my next one shall be more cohesive.

    thanks for dropping by man! i'm always stoked when people get a chuckle out of my stuff. i've been following your sketch thread and you got something amazing going on. keep up the good work yourself!

    so i took slingshots suggestion (and a few more of you guys that say i should work on something longer) and i came up with a combo drawing.

    behold mortals! molluskus the high shell-guard! wielding the hand of death he has squashed a puny human with a casual step!

    snaliens like molluskus grow outwards from thier heavilly armored shell, the only vital organ that really follows them is thier eyeballs and some brain, the rest is housed in that super dense shell on thier rump. the main composision of the snailien is super thick dyna-muscles. dyna muscles are superawesome and can take an insane amount of punishment.

    so this took a while cause of all that crazy garbage all over place, i learned quite a bit about myself and look forward to moving onto something new.

  • rebel
    so awesome!
  • Japhir
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    Japhir quad damage
    <3. amazing! more please :D

    EDIT: ok, some crit: the blood doesn't work with the rest of the piece IMO. totally different color values than any of the other stuff in there. way too saturated/colory compared to the rest. (the blood on the weapon is nice though).
    and you could add some more colory colors in there, they all seem a bit washed and grayish.

    EDITEDIT: ok so i couldn't resist, and did a "paintover". I played with the variations thingie for 2 minitues (image>adjustments>variations) and then with the color balance (same menu) for 3 minutes and this is what i came up with. I hope you don't mind and do find it usefull.
    CLICK to see my "paintover"
  • Slingshot
    Hey looks good! like the detailing!

    only crit make some of the shadow areas darker to make it pop more, looks a little flat tho because the detail areas are the same dark line color as the darkest areas on the body.
  • Saidin311
    I f-in love your style man, I can't believe you've cooked up a character/story for all these different animals. Pigasus cracked me up! Awesome!
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