MACH Joystick [WIP] [Feedback]

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Curt null
Hello everyone!

Hello everyone, I'm currently looking for some feedback on this asset I've been working on (MACH Joystick for Apple 2 Computers). Any critique/feedback on the current model accuracy, model efficiency, texture accuracy, and lighting would be much appreciated!  :) I'll provide a link to a SketchFab (Note however renders will be done via Marmoset) which can give you a better look at the model in its current form using the model inspector tools.

SketchFab Link:

Thanks! :)


  • Peter_tran
    This is awesome! I would definitely add the disgusting white dirt at the bottom of the joystick like the 6th reference (with the white background) also the dirt / brown fingerprint on the red button of the joystick. The joystick still seems rather clean compared to the really nice roughness of the box.  :)
  • Curt
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    Curt null
    Thanks Peter for the feedback, yeah the stick still does still seem quite clean compared to the main body. I'll see to adding some more subtle dirt and a little further roughness :)

  • Bartalon
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    Bartalon polycounter lvl 6
    Overall this is a pretty faithful recreation of those old Apple joysticks.  I like the small personal touches you added to it such as the missing rubber foot and the deeper scrapes along the bottom as well.  While this piece is already pretty good, I think you can push it further.

    The textured plastic body has the same roughness value all over which I think you should try to vary a bit more.  I think overall it's a little too glossy, and I would expect the corners of the body to be more worn down and smoother than everything else. 

    The cord is the same roughness value as the body which should fix itself if you make the adjustments above, but if you decide to go another direction with it, keep this in mind so you can break the values up a little.

    Your lighting is a good start, though you might be able to get away with emphasizing rim or fill light more.  The fourth image that shows most of the underside of the joystick is rather awkward, and your key and fill lights are close to fighting to be the dominant light source.  The shadows cast from your upper lights suggest to me it should be the key light, but the lights coming from below are much brighter overall so I feel like I'm getting some mixed signals.  If this shot is too awkward to execute, you can probably just leave it out of your final collection of renders.  People will get to see the underside in Sketchfab anyway.

    Nice progress, so far, I'll keep an eye out for your next update.  :)
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