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First ever thread here, hopefully its done right.

So I'm a self taught skyboxer and student for 7 years in the field of 3D, Animation, VFX and Game Dev. I create snazzy looking skies. I create both Volumetric and Static skies and currently have a Hybrid set up im currently researching. I come from the land of Hobbits where the skies are extremely beautiful and the land untouched.

Soooo abit about last year before I start this year 
Last year for me was an awesome year, I got a lot of work done and experimented with some awesome tech( I even created a Borderlands themed skybox and composited it in game ). I created a few fan art panoramic images that got a bit of traction as well as a interview on the basic set up for volumetric skies. Throughout the year I covered a range of technical aspects on rendering, delivering and compressing skyboxes. Feel free to check my Artstation for previous years work >>here<<.

This year I thought why not create a thread that keeps up with all my experiments, failures, successes and completed work, It would be awesome to reflect and see how far I've gone within a year. 

So the first few posts will be back to back as I have done a bit already this year, they will be compressed images with links to either videos or the Artstation page they are from.

Last years collective work (473KB) 


  • Delta307
    First Skybox of 2018, This was inspired from the Westcoast of New Zealand. I learnt alot in this skybox, From node/graph work within the program, creating custom water and custom clouds. The piece on Artstation includes the stages I went through.

    Artstation piece: West Coast

    Final Image - compressed for polycount (326KB) 
  • Delta307
    2 nights ago I did a skybox sprint where I created, edited and revisited some work just for the fun of it.

    The first image I put my Heavens Window skybox in Unreal with a quick World Machine export and a quick water shader. I ended up making a video of me playing around with some savvy god rays.

    Video here
    Image - compressed for Polycount (373KB)

    I added a skybox to my Aegis Vangaurd Fan Art 

    Model Credit goes to RSI 
    Image - compressed for  Polycount (130KB)

    Last one is a quick 10 minute Volumetric skybox which is using the same World Machine export I did above. This skybox was running at 2k (2560 x1440) at 90 FPS 

    Image - compressed for Polycount (162KB)

  • Delta307
    Last night I did a quick 1 hour study on Nor'Westers a crazy cloud formation in NZ where it brings strong hot gale force winds, they are similar to Chinook winds or wave windows. The things I experimented with is Layers and "tails" 

    Image - compressed for Polycount (413KB)
  • Delta307
    I've just started a new mini project. Its a Halo inspired skybox, which I may use in a later project. so far I have a base block out of the clouds, planet and the actual ring, which can't be seen in this render. I'm planing on spending about 2 weeks on this one before rendering it as a panoramic and using some industry standard compression methods for delivery.

    Image - compressed for Polycount (684KB)
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    Hi Bryan, amazing work so far. Can you speak more on your compression methods please? Will the final output be HDR?
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    How do you paint skyboxes? :open_mouth:
  • Delta307
    Sorry for the delay

    @ParksMarks ;I'm using a compression method that is used at CodeMasters so I dont know if I can explicitly state what the workflow is. But technically yes it will be a "compressed HDR" for game :smile: Im sorry I cant offer more of an explanation

    @armagon , I use a wide range of programs for Skyboxing depending on what I'm doing which is either Procedural Volumetrics or Static Skyboxes. They go from Vue, Terragen, Hodini, Photoshop and my own images. I did a small Interview for 80 level on volumetrics >Here<

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    You are the best. Thank you!
  • Delta307
    A bit of a throw back to when I did realtime Iridescence in Unreal.

    Video of it in realtime >>here<<

    Image - compressed for Polycount (32KB)

    Update on the Halo skybox will come tomorrow, unless it renders faster
  • Delta307
    More on the Halo fan art skybox, still in the blockout stage, I think I got the clouds sorted, except the low cloud on the bottom right where the extinction rate is too much and I didn't set up the ambient light for it  :/ Its all goods though its a blockout and will be refined heaps towards the end.

    Little heads up:
    Because of my mentorship and masterclass I will start to post more texturing and environment art on this thread too

    Image - compressed for Polycount (552KB)
  • Delta307
    One thing I need to do is learn to effectively and efficiently create 3D landscapes to put my skyboxes in, this is one large step in learning that.
    I spent the last 2 days creating this, throughout the rest of the week I'll create a small scene with a skybox to compile it all in 

    What I feel like I have to do is sort the rock and dust colour out, the sand seems fine but I find the rocks a bit off

    Any C&Cs welcome  :)

    Image - compressed for Polycount (346KB)
  • Delta307
    So I was only supposed to make a material this week, but I went all out and created a small scene to put it in. 1k quick skybox, sand VFX and 2 materials(Sand / Sandy Rock)

    High quality and some other images >>here<<

    Image - compressed for Polycount (412KB)
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