Spearman247 WIP

Hey all! Ok, in the correct place now!
Ok so I have some thumbnails here, and one rough sketch. Let me know what you think of the thumbs, but I think I might re think the thumbnails, since I would like more of a focus on storytelling.
Here are the thumbnails:

And here is the first rough sketch:

Comments and critique are always welcome from you guys! Good luck, and happy drawing!!


  • Spearman247
    Hey all! So I decided I didn't have enough story telling in the thumbnails. So I decided to do a few more sketches, and here is what I came up with. All the champions will be in their original skins, to be less complex. I based these on lore and champion interactions under in game info (where it says friends and rivals).
    I haven't decided one yet, but I'm leaning towards the top left, bottom left and bottom right.

    Feel free to chime in to which one! I will officially name this post once I've decided!

    Good luck, and happy drawing!!
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