Spaceship Bridge (Starfinder Artwork) - WIP

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Hi there,

after I got the GO for my digital art study at Games Academy I decided to take the remaining time until semester starts (1. Oct) and push myself completing an environment scene (something I tried in the past, but never managed to get it to a finished piece). 

Since the Starfinder PPRPG was released recently and my friends and I loving it, I decided to go with some Starfinder artwork.
After browsig the book I found a piece which suites me:

(Source: Starfinder Core Rule Book - Paizo Inc.)

My plan is to building the scene in Max & Unreal (without the characters), using the weighted normal and decal workflow from Star Citizen. 
I want also go with a stylized approach to keep the "painted" feeling of it (similar to Starcraft).
I have no clue if this combination will work, but I hope to to figure something out (maybe with your help^^).

Since this is my first serious approach for an complete scene I'm open to any suggestions or help  (workflow, prep-work, tech, artistic etc.). :D


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