Paul's Animation Thread - Critique Needed

Hi everyone, I'm Paul I'm a junior animator at Tt Games in Manchester, UK.
I've only signed up today and already seen how great useful the animation forum is. So I joined up hoping to get some feedback and critique on my own personal work I'm doing in my spare time.

The animation I'm currently working on is a new voice acting piece.
I've just finished up on the blocking plus and I wanted to see what crit I could get before I went into splining it. 
The face has just some basic eye and eyebrow shapes atm, I've not worked in the mouth yet.

My current animation:

Thanks and hope to get some great feedback. 

A bit more about me can be found on my website:

My current showreel:


  • AnthonyAnimation
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    Are you looking for feedback on your reel or just your current acting shot? Cool start, I left a few notes.
  • ihaveaspoon
    Hi Anthony,

    Initially I was hoping for just feedback on my current acting shot. As my showreel is 80/90% published work that can't be altered but if you have feedback on the edit. Does the order work, what shot isn't working and all that. I just trying to freshen up my showreel with new personal work. As what's in there is a bit old now and it very Lego heavy now after being at Tt games for two years.

    Also thanks for the feedback left on syncsketch :smile: very much appreciated! 

  • AnthonyAnimation
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    Sure! Generally I'd recommend keeping a reel you're sending to recruiters under 1 minute. If it's just a collection of work, then over that is fine, but it's hard to keep someones attention for too long. Since you are updating it I may be reiterating things you already know, but a few things that stand out-

    The Batman shots looks like they're moving at a slower frame rate and are a little choppy.

    Overall I'd pick two or three of your favorite Lego shots if you want them in there. Although they are fun, I think there are other rigs which would better show off your animation skills.

    The "It's a trap!" shot is a bit quick, especially out of context it can be hard to follow what is happening.

    The eagle shot is pretty good- very detailed breakdown of bird flight mechanics.

    Ogre with an axe is also on the right track. Some poses and timing could be exaggerated.

    "The Boss" monologue- Pretty good start. Lip sync could use some love in some places and there's some twinning in the hands throughout the shot.

    Looking forward to an update!
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