Sketchbook: Rickshaw

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Rickshaw vertex
Hello, my name is Rickard and I'm what they call a 'graphical/game artist', and at the time of this post I'm employed by Rovio, developing games for mobile.
I soon got 5-ish years of game development under my belt, and about 5 more years of doodling around before that. I studied game design but I consider myself more or less self-thought on the art front, as such I feel like I've skipped a lot of the fundamentals.
I've almost exclusively worked in a cartoon style but I've recently decided to broaden my style range. That's what this thread is about, I'm trying to learn more realistic approaches, as well as revisit my basics.

Feel free to critique everything and anything I post in this thread. As that's my whole purpose for posting here. ;)


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