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Hi there. I've been a long-time lurker of Polycount's forums, and made a conscious decision that I'd get more involved once I'd honed my skills to an appropriate level. I'm creating this topic because now, not only do I think I have a decent portfolio under my belt, but I've actually found some tangible success in the industry.

I'm currently trying to decide what project to take on next, and which skills it should focus on (Houdini, Quixel Suite, ZBrush armor modeling, Python scripting, etc.). I'm trying to become an environment artist first and foremost, so any unbridled advice, feedback, or thoughts on my aspirations, and my website, are fully encouraged. I know Polycount has a well-earned reputation for high standards, so please be honest, as usual.

FYI, I am looking for my next long-term opportunity, so if you happen to be looking for someone with my skills, by all means reach out to me!

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