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Hello Polycount! I've been the shadows of this site for years and finally pushed myself to just put something up here because I would really love feedback on what I could do to get better!

So for this project is for a school assignment where I have to create an architectural game ready asset in 3 weeks. So far I have made a concept sketch based on references and some initial modeling in Maya. 

I plan to use Substance Painter to do textures. The final model will be put into Unreal Engine 4.

Currently I am instancing the pillars and trying to think of making sci-fi panels modularly, However this is my first time so if anyone knows any tips on that it would be great!

Please feel free to give any comment/critique!


Concept Sketch:

Model Progress:


  • vzdragon
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    vzdragon vertex
    nice block out, can't wait for updates
  • GreyTeddy
    Thanks vzdragon!

    Its not much but I almost almost all of the elements through a 1st pass.

    Still wondering about the final design for the door. And the back side of the building haha.
  • GreyTeddy
    Hey guys, just another update, finally doing the high poly pieces. Having fun with the pillar and side panels here. Still unsure about the door.

    Added some colors to differentiate the pieces here

    More updates to come!
  • GreyTeddy
    Hey guys! Just another update, final finished with the high poly. Not really sure about the monitor and the door(design wise), but I will proceed with creating a low poly to bake normals down to. Cheers!

  • GreyTeddy
    Hey guys, sorry I have not updated in a while, I was crunching because I was having trouble with baking normal maps. But they are okay now! I rush the texturing, and just dropped it into UE4 for some quick lighting, but this is what I have so far. 

    Some critique I received were:
    -Blown out colors (Too saturated)
    -Rust is kind of just there
    -Steel? pillars are looking too dirty or shiny
  • GreyTeddy

    This is what I have been working on so far, desaturating the colors, trying to be more detailed with the rust(thinking right now it is too rusty still). I also want to try add some wear to the walls like below (Instead of just rust). I will keep in mind not to make it too busy with the wearing elements though. 

    Please let me know what I could do to make it better! Cheers!
  • Beard3D Bandit
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    Beard3D Bandit polycounter lvl 2
    Definitely a good start!

    For architectural assets it's always good to get a good combination of

    - modular pieces - that make use of trim textures and other tiling materials that you apply to mesh that make up the bulk of your buildings.
    - unique pieces - these are those small but very detailed props/features that you would make high poly models and bake down to a low poly.

    what I would do after this project is create a small unique prop like this

    If it's sci fi that you love, then look into proper Hard Surface topology (correct way to model for applying subd modifiers) then get it baked.

    For this project, you could:
    1. look at colors used in halo assets/Doom assets. where they have given color
    2. google rusted panels and see how they're formed. there may be rust more so in the small crevices where water is more likely to gather than the edges.

    I'm sure you will find a lot on modularity in the Wiki here.

  • GreyTeddy
    Thanks Beard3D Bandit! I am relatively new to modelling scifi and texturing realistic assets in general. I do have other props I have modelled before hand.

    A quick google search on Halo and I found these images which use the same colors scheme as I do almost exactly! I will be following these images for lighting and materials closely from now on!
    Thanks again for your input Beard3D Bandit!
  • Beard3D Bandit
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    Beard3D Bandit polycounter lvl 2
    no problemo!
    goodluck with the project :)

  • GreyTeddy
    Hey guys, been a while again. I actually sent quite some time putting this environment together for my final (along with other classes). So I had a bit of crunching to do last week.

    This is a high resolution screenshot from UE4. The man-made elements and the Pink/Purple trees are created by me. The mountains and rocks were all from the free download of Infinity Blade assets from the marketplace.

    In retrospect, I felt like I should have added more decals and logos while texturing, but I was working on getting a high level of detail with just the matierals themselves(I am not even sure if I am placing the rust right still haha).
    I was also surprised with how quick I whipped out the trees. I finished them in a day, but not have time to texture the trunk of the tree (its just a flat colored material with fresnel properties). 

    Please let me know what you guys think!
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