Kaneda and his Motorbike from AKIRA (W.I.P Thread)

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JeffRobbins vertex
Hi Polycount

I recently decided to start a fan art project to start learning 3D Modelling/Sculpting as I'm more of a 2D artist.  I have decided to base it on the Akira Manga/Anime as I've been a fan ever since seeing when I was young, I also felt it would be a good challenge (until I regret the idea) to attempt translating it into stylised 3D project while staying faithful to the source material.  

I'm thinking of taking it in a slightly different direction setting it maybe a few years or even a decade after the events of the movie so I can play around with what Kaneda and his bike might look like etc... 

My personal goal is to create at least one character/weapon/vehicle based on the Akira universe so I can learn as much as possible about current game industry workflows, especially focusing on the High to Low/Sculpting/Texturing processes so any tips and critique along the way is greatly appreciated.

Cheers in advance guys! :)


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