JordanN's PS1 Art Thread: When 500 triangles was high res.

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Recently inspired by a texturing in the 2000s thread. I had actually made a thread like this before, but all the links are dead. Luckily, I still saved all the screenshots on my computer so I can rehost them, as well show new ones as well.

I'll start off with the classic Playstation 1 I made in 2015 (it still holds up! Or down!).



  • JoshuaG
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    JoshuaG polycounter lvl 3
    I love this and I want more of it.
  • BucketOfNuggets
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    BucketOfNuggets polycounter lvl 4
    Love the style, why was it that the polygons on the ps1 jittered close to the Camera?
  • ZacD
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    ZacD polycounter lvl 7
    Love the style, why was it that the polygons on the ps1 jittered close to the Camera?
    This video kinda talks about it,

    at around 3:30
  • danr
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    danr polycounter lvl 12
    First question : why are the truck and barrels sinking through the floor? 
  • Joopson
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    Joopson Polycount Sponsor
    You know, it's funny, I didn't even notice that the Truck and Barrels were in the ground, until you mentioned it.

    Overall, I think it looks good. Some polycount choices seem a little arbitrary (like the divisions around the wheel of the bike, which stand out quite a lot)

    I think I might be more inclined to use cutout for the wheels or something. Not sure. I guess in a game, you won't see it as close as you do in that shot anyway.

    And i'm not a fan of some of the white along the borders of the truck. To me, instead of wear or highlights or whatever, they feel like texture bleeding, and it takes a lot away from it.

    And the scene feels a little sparse, since it's just on a square of land. I'd like to see it expanded more into the distance.

    I'm also not a fan of the ground grass texture. I feel like adding some interest there would add a lot to the scene.

    Ocarina of Time does a good job with their grass color variation, in my opinion.

    I look forward to seeing more! It's making me want to do some low-spec art.
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    Don't know what nerve we hit there but none of that is relevant to what we just said.
    It's good you're passionate about what you do. It's probably worth reading what we said again because it wasn't to say the work you're producing is "just a couple of clicks".
  • danr
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    danr polycounter lvl 12
    JordanN said:
     But, it's also been taking a huge amount of time to do
    i was referring to that, and the "240 hours of non-stop modelling" for the other scene. So how many hours would you say you spent on the truck scene?

    and ...

    ... you're aiming your current portfolio towards the film industry? Seriously?

  • danr
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    danr polycounter lvl 12
    right, so details aren't needed as speed is not an issue and everything is spot on as it should be. Well, good luck with everything,
  • Joopson
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    Joopson Polycount Sponsor
    JordanN said:
    In regards to mobile, I thought about it but ultimately, if I had to do a low poly project (that I thought was fun) it was PS1. It's also the one that doesn't receive a lot of attention.
    Mobile and PS1 era graphics have a lot of overlap. PS1 wasn't an art style, it was a tech limitation. Small textures, and few polygons, and imprecise vertex positioning. You can do just the same on mobile.

    What danr was saying, I think, is that if you like low-poly art, you should look into working for a company that makes mobile stuff, since it has the most overlap with what you seem to enjoy.

    You seem to misread a lot of what people say, by the way.
  • Stranger
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    Stranger polycounter lvl 2
    The reason you get so much shit, Is due to your dialect of arrogance. 
    Every time you post a thread it seems like 85% of it is yucking your yam.

    To the art you have posted, I get what you are doing. But to be honest its not really interesting or cool, But i do get it.
    The truck scene you posted is quite frankly terrible. Even PS1 games had cohesion in there art style that made them look good. 

    I think you need to step back real fast and tell me if your doing art just for fun, or for fun and good art, or looking to be working in it.
    So i can critique you, and everyone else can in a better fitting way other then just fucking throwing a barrel at you.
  • danr
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    danr polycounter lvl 12

     "stop doing an artstyle" ... "disrespecting a community" ...
    Did someone delete some posts or are you just making shit up? 
  • Amsterdam Hilton Hotel
    JordanN said:
    But see, this is what I mean. There's this incorrect impression that anytime I say something, it's inherently negative. Or because the other person posted it, they're right to the very end.

    "JordanN just disrespected the Low Poly Thread*
    *But I didn't say that. See "quotes own post*
    *Now you're not even posting art anymore and being arrogant"

    It's not black and white that I can't both see people's criticism and not also react within reason because something is off (in this case, I talked about the popularity of PS1 art. I never said no one has ever made this) .
    make some art
  • riklopes
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    riklopes polycounter lvl 5
    oh man... i love this art style... Pedro and Jordan, if u need help let me know. i will be checking this thread for sure.
  • fearian
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    fearian Polycount Sponsor
    OK here's my one shot of genuine critique for this scene.

    The PS1 jiggle shader looks nice. But your missing some of the techniques low poly artists used to really get the most out of their hardware. Here's what I think people are missing from your work!

    1. Fog. Check out any n64/PS1 game. Harsh fog meant you only have to draw what's visible. 
    2. Vertex colors. This is a big one. Low res textures repeat all the time. You dont have good lights, you dont have AO. What do you do? Vertex colors! You tint the texture color per vertex to paint shadows and stop variation.
    3. Lighting. Speaking off, this doesn't just apply to your PS1 spec work but there is no composition in terms of lighting. Light the focal points of your scene and let the rest be background. This is big topic but yeah, look into improving your lighting.

    Okay now some general crits you can put into practice RIGHT NOW!

    Consistent level of detail. You you have really low poly shit ass bike wheels that look bad, next to an alpha plane of a tyre. But the tyre is more simple shape? and its less important in the scene? You can get away with making the tire look low poly but you cant get away with that bike wheel.
    You use planes for the giant ass trees but the tiny crass gets individual polys?
    If this where a ps1 game where would the camera be? 3rd person? top down? first person?

    Show me a ps1 game where a camera this far out shows this level of inconsistency:

    Don't start a new scene until you take a crack at fixing at least one of these issues in your truck scene. It's easy to think "I'll apply this to my next project" but it's much more effective if you apply it NOW.

    Vertex coloring and lighting are most important for the PS1 look IMO.
  • Joao Sapiro
  • Michael Knubben
    Make some art, though.
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