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    Sunray triangle
    finally took the time to start on the gloves I'm working on getting those folds to look nice. I did some small changes and fixes here and there worked a bit more on the face. I also retoped the face and had maya crash on me with auto safe turned off and no save in the progress so that was a lot of fun. For the topology I tried to get the same edge flow as uncharted 4 drake because that topology just looked really sexy lets be honest? haha I'm really trying to push this character so it will probably take another month to finish (hopefully) I was thinking of buying some of texturing xyz cloth displacements has anyone bought them already are they just as good as the skin ones?
    Does anyone know why the upper part of drakes nose has so many polys?

    @CLo Hey man, your face is looking pretty good. Although I feel like your brow might be a bit to strong and you don't have enough place above your upper lids for some skin resting between the brow and the upper eye lids. And your nose doesn't really look like it belongs to a white guy more to a black guy. Due the width of it and don't forget to give the ears some love too. 

    @VeryCrunchyTaco  Like @Alemja said she looks too skinny in the face and I feel like the neck is a bit too narrow. And your hat is too small that will never stay on her head try to get a better fit. I would also make her arms a bit more skinny she looks too muscular to me. Same goes for the legs but I wouldn't go back to change that since there is going to be a huge dress over them anyway. And the hands seems a bit on the bigger side but I'm not really sure about that one/

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    VeryCrunchyTaco polycounter lvl 3
    @Alemja and @Sunray Thanks for the crits!  I need to do more lip studies.  Also thinking of slimming her down a bit, so we'll see how it goes after a bit more sculpting!  :) 

  • Piemaster
    Coming along really nicely there @Sunray
  • razorbjc
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    razorbjc polycounter lvl 6
    Hello all, i was following this thread for the past 2 weeks but was kind of afraid to actually post my work. This is my first challenge on polycount and I don't know if i will finish with only 10 days left, but i wanted to share and maybe this will put pressure on me to try to make the deadline. I liked the steampunk assassin because it gave me a chance to learn and use Marvelous Designer.
    .  This is the absolute first time i've ever used Marvelous Designer so i had to watch a bunch of tutorials to get basic pattern shapes and just focused on getting wrinkles/bunching around the elbows and knees by using tight straps where the belts/gloves/boots would be. Everything is probably too tight, but i was happy enough with the results and sent it into zbrush for further edits.

    - Meanwhile in zbrush, i modeled a rough head from a dynameshed sphere. The steampunk assassin reminded me of actor Billy Crudup so i looked at some photos of him and sculpted this

    - And this is the work i did this weekend. i retopologized the head with an existing basemesh so i could start sculpting with levels. I also added more details to the clothing. I'll see how far i can get in the next 2 weeks. Any critiques or comments are welcome.

    @Sunray I think you've been doing a great job all thread long. I've also used that photo of nathan drake as reference for building a solid basemesh. I bet that mesh in the photo has been divided once in zbrush to be a higher (cinematic) LOD so the real basemesh would be less heavy than that. 
  • Sunray
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    Sunray triangle
    @razorbjc Yeah I think this is the the base divided by one I'm probabbly going to leave mine like this but I will keep it in mind for my next character.
  • GinoSebastianArdelea
    Hi. I m new and late for this contest D:.

    But i m gonna give it a try. Im having a bit of trouble because i picked the one that i know its gonna be harder for me. I ve been working in this a few days trying to rush it down and block out everything. But i m really struggling with a few things that maybe someone could give me a piece of advice. 

    So before i start doing cleaning work and refining stuff. I need help on what do i do with the scarf or with the cloth thats in her waist . The last one its just that i think i m not getting too well what the shape is. 

    Also the face its really giving me a hard time. Would apreciate some c&c there too 

    Feel free to comment on major things that i should improve before i start refining .

    (Btw i get way better the C&C with paintovers and stuff like that even a red arrow pointing at where something is wrong with a little explanation  more than just the hat is way to tall ( just realized and for something like that yeah i guess doesnt really matter that much)).

    (Btw2 i m improving my english too soo feel free to C&C that too).

  • Alemja
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    Alemja polycounter lvl 6
    @GinoSebastianArdelea ; Don't worry about showing up late, this is not a contest but instead a challenge designed to help people improve their skills. You are also welcome to continue with the model after the deadline, there will just be new concepts by then.
  • Piemaster
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    Piemaster vertex
    Hey everyone!

    So I'm done with the steampunk assassin, as everyone likes to say "it's not how I wanted it" but I am still pleased with the result, well most of it anyway. I had a lot of fun working on this and it taught me a lot, specifically that I need a lot more practice with skin and hair. 

    Anyways, hope you like it :)

  • aquila
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    aquila polycounter lvl 2
    @Sunray: That looks really nice. The clothing is really well done are they retopologized already?

    @Piemaster: Grats on finishing :).

    As for me I'm done with retopologizing his body, now Im just finishing up the high-res version of his head. Depending on how much time I got I might have to leave out one of his props. But hopefully not since I really would like to finish everything on this character :).

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