The Grid Down team could use YOUR help! [Unpaid]

The Grid Down team could use YOUR help!  [Unpaid]


Open Positions:

CSS Website Developer  <--------------------Could definitely use some help here!

UI / UX Designers 

Unreal Blueprint Creators

3D Animators

3D Character Modelers

3D Asset Designers 

Concept Artists


Voice Actors


EDIT – Filled all the positions for the following:  Audio / Composition, Environment Artist




Project Title:

Grid Down



A post solar flare apocalyptic open world survival game.  We're taking ideas from survival games we loved, making some pretty significant changes, to produce an entirely new game that will take the genre in a new direction!


Engine / Software Used:

Unreal Engine (Main Game Engine), Blender, Maya, 3DS Max, World Builder, Adobe Photoshop, and more.  If you use other programs, we’re open to that too!


Studio Name:

Jump Check Studios LLC







Please email to get the link to our Google Hangout or Skype.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!





Matt Warner

Community Manager / Marketing Director

JumpCheck Studios LLC


Please note:  If this post is in the wrong section, is not allowed, or posting it 1 time per week is too much, please message me directly.  I want to make sure we respect your community and your rules.  It’s because of your community that we get fantastic games and entertainment!


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