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Hey all, this is my portfolio as of now:

My current situation can be found here http://polycount.com/discussion/181949/new-year-new-approach , but the tldr version is that I'm looking for work, and I don't want to spend too much time unemployed.

Right now, all of my other work is either non-relevant, or too old for a current environmental artist position and two pieces is too few to give myself a fair chance. I need to make some new solid art, and I need to do it as fast as I can without compromising quality.

I've been considering what type of environment to work on next. At the moment, my two main contenders are something Sci-fi (which might be easier for me), or something more natural. My main consideration is that I don't want to spend months on it, as I really want to be ready to send out another round of applications as soon as possible. That pretty much means that I very much have scope in mind.

With that said, I'm open to any ideas.

As of now, I'm leaning in the direction of nature, as I think it will push me a bit, and I currently don't have any exterior scenes. Here's what I'm thinking right now:

I think my main inspiration seems doable with a relatively tight timeline, but I worry it looks too boring. I haven't quite figured out what direction I want to take it, but I feel like I need to create a narrative to make it successful. Right now, I'm thinking some kind of rogue military encampment, but that's just for the sake of getting things rolling. I'm hoping as I block things out, I get some ideas.

Any input, even if it means doing a full 180 on this idea, is appreciated. 


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