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Hi Polycount!

I have recently finished a Daxter model that is currently being rigged so I can get some classic Daxter-like expressions, but I'd love some feedback that I can apply to my next model (or if I get great feedback on this, I can re-render this, have another go once he is fully rigged). More specifically, I'd like some rendering and final image editing feedback as this is by far my weakest area. This was spurned on after it wasn't accepted into 3D Total galleries, and I decided that it's high time I got some good solid feedback on my rendering! :) Also any tips for the 3D Total gallery submission would be totally awesome! 

Here is the render itself. Right now, I do regret adding the bright green logo there as it does clash with the orange, but sadly I saved over the PSD and lost the layered version so I couldn't remove it:

Breakdown of said render:


Thankyou very much in advance Polycounters!


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