[UE4] Frazão Archviz: New 5K screens + 360 screens from last beta build



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    somthing i have under consideration:

    going to give me alot of work to do, but the overview is positive

    Two furnitures i will have to shrink (the eletronic props rack will lose one drawer collumn), the sofa books furniture also will get reduced in size, and one part of sofa will lose one seat spot, will be 3x2 instead 3x3

    I will do reposition of the bark vase to near the home bar or in front of it near to the window, also i have to create a new prop for the windows (pretty much new props for all the changes), and have to split the curtains

    The good: all textures is already done, all i have is save these substance as smart materials and remask by polygon group. But i will can't escape from redo the uvs and mat ids, not big deal but needed.

    Also i droped some wall boxes to simulate this changes, not going to do a miracle here BUT, yeah... much better.
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    After review and test the area, i think i finished all changes needed. Maybe i will have to move the fishtank wall a little on the side of scullery, but i will judge if this will be needed later. The living room also have a new sofa, i dished out the original mesh and model i had because due to the reduced size of the room, the old sofa looked weird with arm supports. I could just remove the arms from old sofa, but i wanted from very long to change the whole prop. Now i had an excuse to done that.

    I update the header OP image with new info, because i deleted some unused props, meshes, duplicate meshes that wasn't going to use anyway. Same applies to textures. Now the project has 420 unique assets.

    I'm going to leave some screenshot here of how things turned out after all the changes, i haven't built the light (still working and testing it) on this screenshots and haven't reviewed the AO on wall corners, also i haven't made the floor/wall trims yet.

    I made a backup of the project and going to migrate the archviz to 4.15 very soon, i just hope everything keeps working as it was.

    And a gfycat:

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    Hi, I have been very busy doing the last tweaks on the project
    It's been very hard for me to tweak the illumination, i think i have reach on a sweet spot right now for quality x performance. It's not perfect.. i know that, but this is the very best i can do now.

    So far, the changes are:
    • 8 new props for kitchen, there was a wall so empty with nothing... problem solved and i will show what i did soon, basicaly i used a giant chalkboard with a pizza recipe (lol) and a basket wall mount furniture with vegetables, also i put a blueprint clock that ticks and animated.
    • Two props replaced on home office
    • I have faked a subtle as almost unseen lightshaft on windows
    • I have reviewed the intensity of IES on many lights, also i have tested a bunch of my ies in order to put the best one, the one that not causing too much hard edge shadows, and the better ies that draw a good shape on floor and walls, also propagate the light in a more natural way as possible and doesn't look too bright when baked.
    • Tweaked the AO another time and now i'm using a setting similar to evermotion posted recently as a tip of their recently archviz, but slight changed for my needs.
    • Tons of lightmap uvs reviewed due artifacts and because i was doing automatic uv lightmaps
    • I have to remove all the fur from carpets because the license of my plugin is useless for build binaries
    • I tried to do fur using cards, but it didn't looked good when light bake information on it and also not exactly good i had with plugin... i'm also concerned about the performance of using this on 4 carperts, every "chunk" of fur cards have ~3.5k tris and for not having spaces on carpet i have to do almost 3 pass on mesh coverage of a single carpet. So i open calculator and did the math: one carpet with cards instances would take a whooping ~1M of tris, even if this is instanced i think this is not big deal here for vr needs. 
    • I replaced all the interior doors for one more apealing, i have to do that due a but and since i wasn't 100% happy with the current doors, these ones fit better.
    • I also made a simple trim for floor and walls, for the home office door following what i already had
    • I have redo the doors blueprints, i was facing a weird bug where the door do not open on first lanch instance
    • I have add one new light switch on mermaid sculpt for test porpurses
    • I have replaced some props on bedroom
    • I have redo the concrete wall texture of all walls, I though this wasn't good enough and need more variation and be more grunge instead look like a plaster wall that was painted with grey. But since i'm not skilled enough with substance designer and don't have this great application here, i tried my luck messing around with ue material node network. The new material is anything special or very complex to do, i just blend my current texture with the same texture using a multiply in order to bump out the darker details... then i multiply this with 2 textures grunge overlays, and multiplay these overlays it self with my main texture.
    • I have added the vr support
    • I have reviewed the speed of fish animations on fishtank, also have reviewed the lights on fish tank
    • I tried to add a simple main menu with "press start to play" following by a loading screen, but i failed.. lol.

    Here is the result of the new concrete material:

    Now i'm doing a backup of the archviz and when it's finish i will build the light on production (this going to take SO LONG...) and see if all the changes i have done makes a pleasant effect, on preview i think it looks good enough, or at least much better than what i was having with results, i also tweaked the auto exposure pp effect to trying balancing things the best as i can.

    If everything going good, i will pack a version for test and collect some feedback and release this week. So, crossing fingers
  • Eric Chadwick
    This is coming along great! I wish the bloom was toned way down. It should be really subtle IMHO.

    Also have you looked into SSAO? Some tight contact shading would really help.
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    This is coming along great! I wish the bloom was toned way down. It should be really subtle IMHO.

    Also have you looked into SSAO? Some tight contact shading would really help.
    Hey Eric, i forgot to say but i have tweaked the bloom too
    it was too strong and i reduced it enough for not blooming all stuff on map and looking weird as it was. So i face the camera to the sofas (place where the bloom hit harder because of window illumination) and start messing with the numbers until this don't pop out too much. 

    I can take a look on ssao, surely this will help!
  • Eric Chadwick
    Both SSAO and screen-space reflection have helped me in a recent architectural VR sim done in Unity. Screenshot here

    I bet Unreal has something similar.
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    Both SSAO and screen-space reflection have helped me in a recent architectural VR sim done in Unity. Screenshot here

    I bet Unreal has something similar.
    looks great, the SSR i have enabled this here
    i correct the value recently because it wasn't displaying right and not looking good tbh with the roughness values i write down, but after the review it comes out great. I also cranked up the quality value in hope to see it less grainny, i hope after bake the lights on production agrain helps a bit.

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    Hi, Build took me almost a half day
    And i got mixed results (for my lucky the majority was good), but I likely will have to rebuild the light one more time

    But what is concerning me is having packing errors, I think i will have to clear the swarm cache and force it rebuild, also ue4 is trying to build and load a file that doesn't exist anymore or was already renamed when engine try to build the package, wtf???

    I have to rename many texture files because substance painter packed preset put a giant name on its "roughness + ao + metal" file, and this plus my longer filenames gave me problems. When i export the packed textures i couldn't imagine ue4 was too sensitive for bigger file names (since it imported the giant file name fine), so, at least this is done now i have to find out why UE4 still looking for some of that big name texture files and if is it that causing my build package to fail.
  • Rutkovsky
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    Rutkovsky said:
    man a lot of work on the pc set, great stuff all around!
    thanks sir!
    I hope I can show to everyone a playable version very very soon
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    Ok, i had to redo the light another time because some static light wasn't please me with the results, even with double checked uv lightmaps, lightmaps resolution and lightmap compression disabled.

    I had to put more stationary and even movable lights in order to get rid off some of annoying pixelated shadows (this is unacceptable in my humble oppinion for archviz), i haven't see all the results because it's pretty late here and i need to sleep, every production light build took me exactly a half of day on my rig: 4ghz i7 5820k + 32gb ddr4 2800 (looks like someone already needing to upgrade its processor and add more ram, geez...)

    but for the initial results of this last light build, i got some nice results and here is an exemple of sculpting mood zone of home office... lets say, this is much better than what i was having before at least. I hope all the rest of rooms is good too and after that i can just do few minor tweaks on pp volume and can build the package.

    speaking about package, i was having some unexpected fatal error when build my win64 development package. First this error was caused by the fur plugin. My license isn't enough for make binaries as i said, then i still having problems... even remove all stuff of fur plugin from my project, there was 3 meshes with problems, one mesh i imported on earlier stages of project and somehow it was Fcked up, causing me trouble now when build.

    Well, i have treat this and i hope tomorow i can succesful make a package of this.
    Time to go to bed, see you guys.

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    Beta is built and ready  :#
    i'm super happy this worked! lol
    The packing took 6h to finish

    So, i finaly was able to make the very first package.
    I was facing a bug where i got packing errors and now this is fixed. What exacly was happening? You can find more details here on my answers ticket: https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/574515/trouble-cooking-package-unable-to-deploy-applocald.html Basicaly the UE was trying to read and write from a buggy directory where local app pre requisites was stored, causing the build to fail every single time.

    The package size is ~7.1GB
    The sad part is my internet decided to suck today and my upload speed is laughable bad, i hope i can finish the upload up to tomorrow and i'm mirroring this to two places.

    If you have interest to test this beta, please PM me and post here
    This is a closed beta of a not so optimized build, not ready for mass sharing, but i need to know about the performance right now on some varied hardware range and how the beta is working.

    Also, more feedback is aways welcome!
    I have updated the OP main image with beta information
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    FrazãoArch Beta release notes:

    1) The elevator door do not play sound cue when close
    2) The fish animation loop on fish tank wall is not smooth and there is a fish who get stucked
    3) The bathroom door having weird shading inside bathroom
    4) The exterior panorama isn't covered by 100% of the home office window view
    5) There is a flickering on kitchen top furniture
    6) The radio on home office do not cycle the 3 instrumental musics
    7) The doors doesn't have SFX for open and close
    8) The first person character doesn't have walk SFX
    9) The stuttering when turn the camera
    10) The BIG loading on startup (black screen without any loading info now, just wait until you start inside elevator)


    Left Thumbstick: walk
    Right Thumbstick: camera view
    Right Thumbstuck click: Enter VR
    Right bumper: (HOLD) Zoom the camera view
    A: Interact / Select / Use
    X: Start or stop the radio on home office 

    WASD: walk
    Mouse: camera view
    ALT+F12: Enter VR
    ALT+F2: Nvidia Ansel (not working on this debug)
    Right Mouse Butttom: (HOLD) Zoom the camera view
    E: Interact / Select / Use
    R: Start or stop the radio on home office 

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    I have moved the beta to ssd
    And the loading still big, took way less this time: roughly 1 minute for start the project... i will see what i can do to reduce dramaticaly this loading time, also i'm already making a loading screen with a flipboard animated icon material. Because feels like the archviz is buggy and freezes when we start it and stay so long on a black screen.

    My internet still sucking
    I though this was the classic traffic shape the isp from here is used to do on weekends, but something is not going on and the beta upload is slow than usual.

    Here some 360 Screenshots i took with ansel, not from all rooms
    *(click once on images to dim out the website overlay)
    *(auto exposure doesn't work well on ansel 360, so images might look too bright or darker than it is. I will ps adjust for final shots on final release)
    *(ansel actualy is working on beta, just be sure to: https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Engine/Plugins/Ansel/Testing/index.html)


    Living room
    http://360.vizor.io/v/akkl and http://360.vizor.io/v/ya9d

    Home office



    On next post i will upload some 5k screenshots

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    Here some 5K images, not from all rooms
    still working on it and have plenty to do, a lot to optimize, but now this getting closer from what i had in mind when i started this almost a year ago and got much better results than i had on my last build.

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    nastobi123 polycounter lvl 2
    assuming this isn't bake cause lighting looks flat AF but the crazy detail you put into every prop is crazy. Props are awesome, not a big fan of lighting so far, needs a lot of work.

    Keep it up ! Been watching this thing closely, its getting better. 

    Also, reminds me of a Rainbow Six Siege Map. 
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    assuming this isn't bake cause lighting looks flat AF but the crazy detail you put into every prop is crazy. Props are awesome, not a big fan of lighting so far, needs a lot of work.

    Keep it up ! Been watching this thing closely, its getting better. 

    Also, reminds me of a Rainbow Six Siege Map. 
    Thanks nastobi123

    What suggestions you can share with me for improve the light? this is been really hard for me getting this better, the only thing i have in mind now is reduce the artificial lights and highly compensate this on exposure to increase the propagation, but would look more natural i guess.

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    I tested the archviz with a friend on his computer yesterday
    I surely needs urgent optimization on ram usage side

    used all his 6gb vram, all his 16gb of system ram and alot of pagefile memory
    @joshmtyler also warning me same thing

    looks like i will have a bunch of work  to do
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    I think i found the culprit for memory spikes and stutterings

    i have disabled the texture stream of the project on early stages, what it means? the game just loading straight all textures at and bangs the system ram, vram and pagefile usage. Causing major stuttering on some areas where when we turn the the camera, the texture pool can easily reach over 6GB, some areas the texture memory usage is up to 13GB. Remembering this project have many 4k textures and even i decided to optimize it for drop down the resolution on some assets to 2k or even 1k, still something memory hungry.

    now the editor is running smooth as butter because i set the texture streaming pool size of project to 8GB, i will try to tweak this for 6GB and see how this going on. The first results on 8GB have fixed. but lets see how this will works with 6 and 4GB. I did this by open up the console and type: r.Streaming.PoolSize 8000

    Another HUGE optimization i'm about to do is give some lod love for my project, right now there and any mesh lod, I have optimized the project meshes for lod0 before import then all, but due the amount of things on the screen, i think there is space for give some props an automatic lod1 with 75 or 50% of triangle mesh reduction. I'm not going to do this with every single mesh on the scene, but the denser areas i will try to optimize with lods.

    "Smooth as F" better seen on gyfcat link, the gif doesn't do the justice

    Other changes i have done:
    • I review the lightmap uv of some more meshes
    • I have changed some textures
    • I have made a load screen! but i have to check later if this works or not. lol
    • I have check some floating meshes that wasn't correctly positioned
    • I have add and modified some collision boxes that wasn't good tbh, causing some issues

    The auto uv on lightmap is something i'm learning right now isn't the very best choice. We do not save time by doing this. And we can easily setup the uv lightmap with the same unwraped uvs from chanel 1 in less than 10 seconds by select all uv islands of ch1, save the file uv on max, change to ch2 and load the saved uvs for replace. Auto generated light uvs works for some things, and this is nightmare for others because it do not use an optimal uv island space and going to cause issues like coloring errors, shitty artifacts and bad shadow quality.

    Probably you all already know this, but i'd like to share my experience so far, since this is my very first RT project, but yeah...

    Some textures was too low res for what the mesh needs, so i changed and also did some review on materials in question.

    Here is the loading screen
    now we launch the project, then see the splash screen, the ue4 video intro and then going to this screen... take a while loading the scene and finaly open the game when things loaded. Better than see a pitch black screen and think the archviz game wasn't loaded up or freezes uh?

    After this, i will wait my friend @Telerak this week for together we can review why on earth the VR is not activating on game and they help me with the motion controller support.  When everything going well i will release a new beta or even the public release of this archviz.

    see you guys.

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    Hi guys, finally made the loading screen to work
    thanks to Kris from UE Forums who helped me with a valuable tip of instance my original game mode in order to have the loading screen working just after the intro video and before loading the game.

    I made a simple intro movie for the project, this video was recording during my tests and i know the title is "a bit" out of alignment.

    too bad ue4 can't support 1080p, ultrawide and 4k startup videos :( only 720p @ 25fps

    here is the new splash screen:

    What left now?
    • Rebuild the light for all the changes i made
    • Repack the archviz
    • release for tests and public download
    What i have done?
    • I have optimize the archviz for remove the most memory spikes as i could
    • I have added an simple faked water caustics on fish tank
    • I have removed the faked lightshafts because this was very expensive shader computation
    • I have made some tips @Telerak was told me to do for improve the optimization
    • I have fixed a weird collision from home office
    • I have added a new carpet with fur, this time this one looked a bit better and i will wait on preview light build if i will stick with that, if this looks good i will keep it, if i dislike then i will remove it completely.
    • I have added more mesh lods
    • I have removed completely the VR support on this project because i wasn't able to change the fp character to vr pawn on real time, also this requires too much changes and optimization that will takes me alot of time to do and too much expertise for make this work on the fly, seamless... But no problem here, when i finish this i will clone my own project and optimize this for vr exclusive! resulting in two downloads: desktop version and desktop vr version. :)
    • I have compiled a version of ue4 with vxgi... i will give a try on this after release the vr version. No ETAs for this one.
    • There is a bit of wall plant performance hit on lobby that worries me a bit, this is new and i need to track this down in order to make that region runs smooth again.
    • I have made all living room lights switchable, in order to do that i have to optimize many lights from area lights to spotlights on whole apartment, and this is only for the living room and artisan sculpting area on home office.
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    just one last thing before rebuild the light (i guess?)
    i wanted to do that, but this set of props is separated by many parts and back there i didn't knew we could pack a bunch of stuff inside a blueprint and animate this.

    this is not exactly how i imagined... for example: use < > keys for rotate or the analog left thumbstick, but the simple interaction is there now, press Q or Y and it will turns clockwise direction and counter clockwise.


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