Gargoyle Tombstone [WIP] - Stone study

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Ashervisalis greentooth

CC welcome and appreciated!

Working on various props to throw into a portfolio. Decided to make an old tombstone. Created one with a cross on the top, spent a day chipping away and weathering it, sent it to a mentor of mine and he told me I needed to study old stone sculpting a bit more, and that the concept was a bit boring ( ), so I scrapped that and started again.

I've been wanting to do something with a gargoyle for a while, and had this idea for an old tombstone with a gargoyle's head protruding from the top. The actual stone bit is made from 4 different sub-tools so as to help me with cracks and the like.

The below image is the tombstone's semi-low poly so far, as well as the gargoyle's head. There looks to be some sick tutorials on proper rock sculpting so I'm defo going to check up on those. The words at the bottom read, "Mors Non Est Finis," Latin for, "Death is not the end." That's from google translate, but I've posted on the Latin Sub-Reddit to make sure it's a proper translation.

I'm a bit weary of sculpting the gargoyle's head too much as I'm afraid of making it look organic. I'll defo look up on some reference. I angled the head so as to make it looking down at the person who was buried.


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