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A shader inspired by Zelda: The Windwaker, customizable to your liking through various parameters. Texture maps are sourced from a Substance material which makes this package customizable and lightweight (~50kb). All shaders are including ShaderForge nodes, so they can be edited. Also includes two simplified shader, for low-end devices.

• Custom inspector, for ease of use 
• Intersection effect with other objects 
• 5 types of normal/refraction maps 
• 5 intersection textures 
• Ability to add custom textures for waves and intersection 
• Depth control 
• Refraction 
• Wave animation 
• World-space or UV-based tiling 

• Documentation 
• Demo scene (+30 stylized models)
• ShaderForge nodes
• Desktop shader (+Tessellation variant)
• Advanced mobile shader
• Basic mobile shader

Note: Does not support orthographics cameras or Lab Renderer


Intersection textures:

Wave types (exaggerated)

User images:
Sharpflint, by EATMEAT Games

The Knight's Willow, by Kenney


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    Jonny10 polycounter lvl 2
    Updated! https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/#!/content/71207

    - Shaders can now be modified using ShaderForge.
    - Unity 5.5 support
    - Demo scene with 30 free stylized models
    - Option to randomize seed in inspector
    - Custom inspector component for ease of use
    - Fresnel color (alpha controls opacity)
    - New mobile shader variant "Basic"
    - Documentation now contains a parameter glossary

    - Improved support for Substance material instances
    - Changing materials shows/hides the new parameters automatically
    - Wave vertex offset now follows the mesh's normal direction, rather than offsetting in the world Y-axis (useful for curved surfaces)
    - Switched from glossiness to roughness type, for better results under low/no light conditions
    - Inspector GUI improvements
    - Substance will generate both texture maps regardless of "Generate all outputs" option
    - Fresnel color is now derived from Ambient Light rather than Directional Light
    - UV/WorldSpace tiling values are more logical
    - Reflection intensity is now bound to the glossiness parameter
    - Depth control is more physically correct
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