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Hi Polycount!

New project after my platformer character, Ven! I decided I would remodel a character I did two years back, as I didn't do him any justice before. I've been getting the rough version done before I retopo over for the final base, neaten up the weird deformed areas and add detail, but I wanted some feedback before I went any further. Something is well off with his face, and I've been tweaking it for hours but I just can't nail it. It's something around the eye area on the 3/4 angle that looks off, and possibly his lips too. Perhaps I've been staring at it for too long. I tried to make his eyes similar to Hiro Hamada's from Big Hero 6 as I imagine Gon to be Asian, but I'm pretty sure I screwed them up on that 3/4 angle.

This is the character (I decided to make him a bit more Disney-inspired than anime since I fancied a bit of a change from the way I sculpted him before, so keep in mind I'm not sticking to this sheet 100%):

I will probably do a version with his jacket too:

Feedback welcome of course! :) 


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