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Hey guys, just wanted to do a quick plug of the latest and final edition of my Material Manager tool for Maya.  Any feedback is welcomed, and I'll keep an eye on this thread for bug reports.  Thanks!

Material Manager 4

The Material Manager is an all-in-one interface for quickly interacting with scene materials.  Quickly sort, search, filter, create, rename, delete, search, and assign texture files with the click of a button!  This tool comes equipped with material presets that won't clutter up scene files and can be loaded in when they are needed, as well as an on-board color ID map baker.

Supported Maya Versions:  2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2014 LT, 2015 LT, 2016 LT

Read more and download at these locations:
  1. https://www.highend3d.com/maya/script/material-manager-for-maya
  2. https://gumroad.com/products/QSvJh
If you would like to donate after downloading, you can tip me on PayPal.  Very much appreciated but not necessary.  Only if you insist!

Primary Features

  1. One-click Material Selection
  2. One-click Texture Map Assignment/Removal
  3. Smart Exporter Tool
  4. Harden UV Border Edges Tool
  5. Color ID Map Baker (not available in Maya LT)
  6. Automatic Color ID Tool
  7. Quick Lambert/Blinn/Phong & Checker Materials
  8. Texture Coordinate Indicator/Flipper
  9. Namespace Removal Tool
  10. Material Presets (compatible with Quixel's DDO)
  11. User-customizable Variables

Version History

25 February 2017 -- Version 4.3.0
  1. Updated labeling and annotations for some buttons
  2. Current Scene tab will now properly update after using channel control with multiple materials assigned to an object, and current objects should remain selected
  3. Added an option under Tools menu to open the Node Editor
  4. Added an option under Tools menu for the Colorize Material tool
  5. Fixed an issue where using the hotkey to close the Material Manager while docked would leave behind an empty tab (you must re-bind your hotkey for this to take effect)
  6. When two or more objects are selected that share the same namespace, using the Namespace Removal tool will no longer cause an error
  7. Added a button to duplicate marked materials
  8. Colorize Material tool will now return preset materials to their default colors instead of a neutral gray
  9. Fixed an issue where the ID Map Baker would cause an error if a shape node made its way into the selection
  10. ID Map Baker will now check to make sure the output file exists before prompting about a successful bake
  11. Suppressed various warning messages for the Material Manager and Smart Exporter
  12. Smart Exporter:  User-Modifiable Variables may now be changed and updated without having to restart Maya
  13. Smart Exporter:  Added a user-modifiable variable to adjust the width of the window and it's buttons / fields (for unusually long object / material names)
  14. Smart Exporter:  Changed the default behavior of the window to not snap to the Material Manager window.  This can be changed back in the User-Modifiable Variables in dp_MaterialManager.mel
  15. Smart Exporter:  Changed the default settings to export with all materials assigned (instead of lambert1/phong1).  This can be changed back in the User-Modifiable Variables in dp_SmartExport.mel

11 October 2016 -- Version 4.2.0
  1. New Feature!  Colorize Materials - This tool will colorize all materials assigned to a model for quick visualization.  Read button annotation for more information
  2. Fixed an oversight where the "Multiple Materials Detected" window functionality was incomplete
  3. Auto Color ID Tool:  Fixed an issue that was causing the tool to fail in Maya LT
  4. ID Map Baker:  Loading objects with children into the High Poly slot will now automatically select children to ensure a proper bake
  5. Quick Materials:  While holding CTRL to skip the naming prompt, the new material will now automatically assign to your selection
  6. Fixed an issue where using the Marking tools on individual, unmarked materials would sometimes not work
  7. Nameplates now correctly highlight after changing their size
  8. Renaming multiple materials at once will now prompt you in the order they appear in the Current Scene list
  9. Various impretinent warnings have been suppressed
  10. Smart Exporter:  Fixed an issue when checking a custom naming convention against materials only would not actually check the names

10 September 2016 -- Version 4.1.1

    1. Fixed an oversight where the ID Map Baker would not work if loading more than one mesh into the Low Poly slot.  The baker currently only works with one model assigned to the Low Poly slot.  The High Poly slot can still have as many pieces loaded as needed
    2. Added a prompt to warn the user if the user attempts to load more than one mesh into the Low Poly slot
    3. Added a prompt for if the user attempts to load both the High Poly and Low Poly slots with the same mesh
    4. Changed the color of the Auto-assign Color IDs button to make it more obvious that it's a button
    5. Removed the specular reflection from the QUick Checker material


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