Frontier Station Gamma

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mystichobo polycounter lvl 7
Hey Polycount!

I've been working on this retro scifi space base in my spare time over the last few months, and I've finally got the exterior to the point where I'm happy to show it off a bit!

Rendered in UE4, with all the textures/materials created in Substance Designer.

Anyway, the next step is to start making interiors for the dome and other buildings!


  • musashidan
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    musashidan ngon master
    I really like this environment. As soon as I saw it I wanted to explore it. :) I can really imagine a space adventure game in which you land at outposts like this. I realise that you're going for retro with the Tintin rocket, but personally I think a Star Trek type shuttlecraft would suit better. But that's  just me. 

    Looking forward to the rest.
  • wccrawford
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    wccrawford polycounter lvl 4
    I glanced at the first image and didn't like it.  Then I looked closer at it and the next image and noticed the retro style, and suddenly I liked it a lot better.  I don't have that happen very often...  My first impression is usually pretty stable.

    Sadly, I'm not good enough at art to even know why I felt that way, or what I'd do to change things.  I'm looking forward to seeing more now, though!
  • mystichobo
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    mystichobo polycounter lvl 7
    A tiny update, progress has been a bit slow going in my free time;
    I made some cabinets for the interior!

    @musashidan ; Thanks! I'd love to turn it into a game of some sort one day (or at least a game in the same style), but alas it's a pretty big commitment and finding time with work and life can be a bit of a pain :disappointed:

    A lander could be pretty cool too, but I think it'd be harder to fit into the 50s/60s theme I'm going for with the rest of the scene :smile:

    @wccrawford You definitely have a point, I'm not so sure what it was either, so I asked on the Polycount Slack channel, and found that it gives off the impression of being quite unbalanced at the top. I tweaked the camera angle and FOV a little bit and got this:

    Is that a bit better?
    EDIT: Replaced the one in the first post with that one, for archival purposes, the original can be found here.

  • mystichobo
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    mystichobo polycounter lvl 7
    Decided to revisit this a bit, and update it with some of the cool stuff I've learnt in the last year!

    And I also added a bit of movement! the video is pretty low quality, but I'll do a proper flythrough later!

  • albyy
    Loving the retro style and the lighting looks fantastic.
  • cptSwing
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    cptSwing polycounter lvl 6
    Lovely looking, especially the rocket. Maybe a little more irregularity for the smaller asteroids and the large asteroid's surface? And hard to balance with that certain stylized vibe, but I'd think constant exposure to sun and other radiation would impact the paint somewhat. I'd love walking around on the platform either way :)
  • Pavolin
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    Pavolin polycounter lvl 5
    Looking good Jake! I really like the style. I agree with what cptSwing said. Try to take the exposure from the sun into consideration. I noticed some copy-paste of the smaller asteroids here:  
    You might want to tweak that. 
    Otherwise it's looking cool, keep it up!
  • DadPool9902
    I really like this concept. This would go really well in a remake of the old Space Quest games. I could see everyone's favorite bumbling space janitor exploring this site.
  • lotet
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    lotet quad damage
    Would love to see some more detail on the glass dome, but really digging the retro style!
  • mystichobo
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    mystichobo polycounter lvl 7
    Thread bamp time!

    I did a bit of desaturation on the paint work with vert colour, and fixed the asteroids a bunch! Unfortunately the images in the first post were directly hosted from my portfolio, so they autoupdated, so the first post shows the current version.

    I created a quick flythrough last night, which shows all the moving elements I added :)

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