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Hi all!

Some of you might remember me from my "Next Gen Jak" thread. That's still going, it's just on the backburner for now since I wanted to do something a little simpler, and I realized from other things I've worked on that the method I'd used for Jak wasn't exactly the best. 

Now, a little bit of backstory- I LOVE platformers, and I really don't see enough cool platformer characters being made anymore with the appeal that Ratchet/Jak/Sly/Spyro/etc had. So, I've been working on bringing back a really old character of mine. I originally started posting this in the sketchbook forum, buuuut I've decided that I want it to be a main project of mine that I'd love feedback on.

I've created a base mesh that I'm going to pull around and refine, but I think I'm happy with the overall shape so far (I'm a sucker for top-heavy characters). 

 Here's progress:

Here is a rough paintover of the base I did a while back. I'm not too keen on the jeans as much anymore, so I've changed them for a cloth at the moment (the original character and story had an Egyptian-ish theme going on). That might change again though. 

And my original concepts from a few years back that I'm working from. I've given him more of a Fennec Fox look now, and oversized some parts for more appeal. 

I'll probably sketch out some new solid concepts before I move on with this model since I'm still unsure about what to make him wear. He needs some kind of shoes/sandals I think to balance him out a little more. Also, my original concepts could do with an update ha.

Feedback/ideas welcome! :smile: 


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