UE4 Mars Police, (ex Suspended Cop) game

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the original thread for this project (http://polycount.com/discussion/98936/sugar-rush-wip/p1) is a mess so here's a new one.  apology for spamming, it had to be done! :)
previous updates can be seen here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/obqrW

update 3 

note that this not a trailer and the actual gameplay is only in the shots where the UI is visible on screen. the rest is a simple cinematic mode that i made by attaching the camera to random AI objects while the game is running so i thought it would be nice to make a little movie. i'll post the raw gameplay later which will disappoint eeeeeveryone :p

there's a lot of temporary or unfinished models such as buildings, enemy carriers and level layout in general.
death explosion is a joke and probably won't be included (or any graphic violence and bad language).
the title is new and it may change again so i won't bother with the logo just yet.

to do by 2042:

-PLANES! big bombers and airship carriers
-save / load system with days passing, simple global events and game ending
-main menu
-money and shopping for upgrades ( razor rotors, fuel tanks, countermeasures, turrets... ) 
-moar weapons 
-even worse logo

tnx for watching!


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