Fighting Knife - Low Poly

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It's up on Sketchfab now.  :smiley: 


Texturing is done, I'm happy with it for now.  I still want to lower the poly-count a bit, but it's time to move on.

*First Update*

Hi Polycounters!

I've started a small knife to practice with and I could use some feedback.  

Here's reference(all photos taken by me so they may not be the best):

Here's my current progress, most work was done in 3DS Max(A little ZBrush on the cord wrap, and a little Blender for retopo):

My plan is to use the UV mapping on the spline for the cord to wrap a good braided cord texture on it and bake that out to the low poly.  The high is about 600k tris, and the low is a but under 2000 tris.  I could probably go a either little higher or lower on the low-poly, but I'm happy with it for now.  I left the "tail" as tubes still, I think I'm going to make the knots as solid geo to bake onto rather than leaving them.


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