Airborn Halo 5 Artdrop

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Neox interpolator
Hey guys,

we got the permission to post some of these :dizzy: 

Starting in 2014 we had the chance to support 343 Industries and Microsoft on their Multiplayer Production of Halo 5. We did many of the armors and will post them all once they are public.
It was a very collaborative projects, with one or 2 main artists on a suit and if needed others to support them, be it with extra conceptual work or just liftig workload.

Our artists on Halo 5:

Andrey Chuloshnikov
Benjamin Hale
Benjamin Sauder
Boris Patschull
Christian Fischer
Christian Rüsseler
David Fraass
Joao Sapiro Josue
Marco Leal
Munise Sertel
Patrick Schindler
Steffen Unger

okay enough talking, lets drop some art!

Goblin halfsuit by Christian Rüsseler and Patrick Schindler
Venture Halfsuit by Christian Fischer

Teishin by Joao Sapiro Josue

Security by Patrick Schindler

Maverick by Andrey Chuloshnikov

Freebooter by Christian Rüsseler

Shinobi by Joao Sapiro Josue
Void Dancer by Boris Patschull and David Fraass

Hellcat by Marco Leal


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