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Hi everyone! I apologize in advance for my English. Recently, I began to learn 3D graphics. I watched different tutorials. For now I am learning Maya 2016 and ZBrush 4R7. So I decided to start making my first model. And because I like the different military themes, as well as having looked different cinematics, I wanna do a Lich King helmet.
I made some references from the videos.
To construct the approximate form I built a few curves.
Next, I create a rough shape of the helmet.
Currently I plan to add some edges, make the shape thicker, make the top part of the helmet (the crown) and maximum to prepare for ZBrush.
Since this is my first project, it takes a long time, but eventually I am getting used to the hot keys and control in Maya and work is gradually accelerating.
I would be grateful for good advices and suggestions.
Here are few screenshots of my work.


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