[3ds Max] is standard material PBR...?

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I realize this is a broad topic but is there a way to create materials in Max that will look close to what you can get with a basic setup in UE4 for instance? I have been toying with UE4 for some time now but only recently started looking into Max's material editor capabilities. I find the standard material input names confusing and I have a hard time figuring where to plug my textures - is it even PBR? I could skip prototyping my material in Max but I like to do this as I model and I just found out that upon exporting a fbx model with mats applied Unreal will import everything from the get go, which I think is pretty neat.

I've been digging in the autodesk knowledge base but so far I'm still in the dark.


  • oglu
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    there is the new stingray shader in max... its a PBR shader they use for export to the autodesk angine... it will work also with other engines..

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    for real-time, yes, ogly is correct.

    Just make sure to disable the gamma in 3dsMax viewport when using it or the results will not look good.

    (the shader does a more suitable tone-map in the shader itself)
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    Briliant, thank you guys! In the video you linked there's a brief glimpse at something called shaderfx,what is it? It looked a bit like unreal mat editor but it sounds too good to be true.

    Edit: and then I noticed your name, shaderfx :p probably not a coincidence
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