Gladiator - first character for portfolio, feedback appreciated

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Jakub greentooth

It's been around 18months since I first launched a 3D modeling app and throughout that time I've been trying to learn a lot(mostly Zbrush and some other tools).
Considering, that I'd like to work in industry in a year or two, I decided it's time to get my first portfolio piece. That will allow me understand some programs and workflow a little bit more.
I know that people usually post their work after they're done with it, but I'd like to do it the other way around, I want to create the character from base to finish receiving feedback from you guys. That will allow me to eliminate fundamental mistakes right away.

I decided to create a Gladiator. Thanks to that, the viewer will have an idea how good are my anatomy and drapery/armor skills.

Tools that I'll be using: Maya, Zbrush, Topogun, UVLayout and probably SD/SP or Mari(still can't decide which one I'd like to learn).

I am not planning to add post everyday, unless I'll do some crucial additions that might require review :)

No talking anymore, time for some action! I will be really glad for help that I receive, and comments and criticism is extremely welcome.

I am not using any particular concept, I am simply stealing ideas from few of them that I found on pinterest. Also, I've finished Spartacus(TV Series) recently, so I got some inspiration from there :D





Thank you in advance!


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