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Bek greentooth
(It's not an AKS-74u, I swear)


And a close-up of the ironsight.

The above is the blockout; now I'm moving on to the highpoly. Some parts are already sub-d. There aren't many references for the OTs-12 but since it shares ~90% of its parts with the AKS-74u I've been using pictures of that for additional ref.

I diverged from the OTs-12 in a few areas: The iron sights for example are standard AKS-47u iron sights rather than the abomination that appears on the OTs-12; and I've also included a Stormwerkz weaver rail, which I might put a PK-06 on. I'm also considering including two types of ammunition for the magazine, SP-5 and BP 9x39 rounds.

My main concern will be texturing; I want to really push my simple shapes and base materials. I might also end up waiting for new software to arrive (qs 1.9/megascans/quixel gpu baker) and use this project to test those out on.


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