Most useful keyboard shortcuts for 3ds max

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Figured it might be nice to share which hotkeys you use most often.
I'm still figuring out which commands to make shortcuts for, which is partly why I made this thread. I definitely want to improve my selection shortcuts.
I'll try to avoid the more common ones.

One thing I'm trying to figure out is the command for exiting sub-object mode. I usually work in expert mode and I have to switch out of it to exit sub-object mode.

PolyDraw Optimize: I only recently found this and it is Amazingly useful. It's replaced cut and target weld for me and collapse to some extent.
PolyDraw Drag: very useful for retopo
PolyDraw StepBuild: Haven't used this one and extend much yet, but I hear they're quite useful.
PolyDraw Extend:

(un)hide unselected: Default alt-u, alt-i. Basically isolation mode for sub objects

Expert mode: default ctrl-x. Hides most of the UI.
isolate selected: default alt-q

swift loop:

SmoothThirtySelection: autosmooth set to 30º

(editable poly) collapse:

edge bridge
: Bridge selection without settings box

(unwrap uvw) Relax: also changed the default settings somewhere.
(unwrap uvw) stitch selected

I'm sure I've forgotten loads but I'll add to this list later on. If anyone posts any I'll add them to this post as well. Hopefully we can get a nice list going :)


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