Max: edge extrusion not following along Move gizmo's axis

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pableaux polycounter lvl 4
Weird problem I can't figure out. I'm posting a series of screenshots. So I've got this hole in the side of a cylinder selected, and I've got the ref coordinate system set to local. I should be able to Shift-drag the Z-axis of the gizmo and extrude along that axis...


Except, instead, it looks like it extrudes along the world's X axis? I can't figure out why it's doing this. I don't have snapping or axis constraints on, and I don't have constrain to edge on. I tried resetting the XForm, didn't help. The bordering polys are facing the right way: outwards (not that it should make a difference?). And why does the gizmo reorient in this bizarre configuration after this extrusion? Am I not understanding something about the "Local" ref coord system?


If I cap that hole and start an extrude, that works fine, but why doesn't the Shift-extrude work here?



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